i College Writing: Debate(s) in Higher Edcuation | Fall 2014

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Welcome to the course blog for IDIS 100—College Writing at St. Norbert College. In this class, we have been considering, analyzing, discussing, and writing about some of the major debates in higher education, debates that we will all confront sooner or later. You really should ask us to make for you! You’ll get your work just on time!

Specifically, we will offer a range of argumentative blog posts that address the following questions:

  • How will we make our college experience worth the cost?
  • What should our education
    look like?
  • How will extra-curricular activities enhance our experience?
  • What is the identity of our College?

So just say and we will do it without any delays! We hope you enjoy exploring this site, and learn something new about how we, as students, approach these high-level debates about our education, our development, and our College. But i’m convinced that fiction writing is a homework helper online from homeworkhelper.net much more important component of a rigorous english education than is commonly believed

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