i Benefits of Diversity on a Catholic Campus | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Cecillia Clausen

Diversity does not mean the difference between skin color in the world, it also talks about the different cultures and beliefs people hold in the world. You can be a vegan, atheist, Lutheran, or even pro choice. You can be black, Chinese, or Pacific Islander it doesn’t matter the diversity is there and everyone should accept it. The Catholic churches should be the number one group who should accept the diversity into their church.

Diversity can help a student to become more creative, to help in the future workforce to be more open minded to others opinions no matter the color or cultural they are, and to expand religious beliefs to other cultures. With the changes in the world we need to start changing in our school systems as well. The churches and the colleges need to start accepting more diversity to help grow with the world.

Diversity helps students with creative thinking and to expand the views on issues or problems from other perspectives and views points. These view points were explained in the article by Jeremy S. Hyman and Lynn F. Jacobs: “Rather than viewing the world through a single-focus lens, you are able to expand your views and consider multiple options when making decisions and weighing issues of, for example, morality and ethics”. Rather than just seeing a situation with tunnel vision the students with a diverse background from a Catholic college will be able to see through the tunnel vision. Those who have had experience with diversity will be able to see the color of a situation and will be able to accept others easier. You learn at a younger age and before you are stuck at a job, to work with others and to see the world more than just living in the default setting. The default setting is when someone only sees everything in the world as their own problems rather than understanding everyone is going through something different in life.

Successful performance in today’s diverse workforce requires the skills to relate to people from different cultural backgrounds. As Jeremy S. Hyman and Lynn F. Jacobs explain in their article: ”America’s workforce is more diverse than at any time in the nation’s history, and the percentage of America’s working-age population comprised of members of minority groups is expected to increase from 34 percent to 55 percent by 2050.” If the workforce is more diverse that would mean the schools would be more diverse. Showing how Catholic colleges need to expand the diversity on the campus to help students learn to work with those from other cultural backgrounds. That way it will help the students to be prepared for the work force where they can not pick who the boss is or who their coworkers are. College is supposed to help you to prepare for the real world and getting a job, so it should also help prepare students to work with others and to work with the diversity in the work force and in life.

At St. Norbert College the diversity on the campus is very widespread with different organizations, social groups, and clubs. Though, St. Norbert’s campus doesn’t have to do with the race of the students, it deals more with how economically diverse the students are, LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual), etc. There are different organizations, social groups, and clubs the campus has to offer for all of the different things that the students are interested in. At St. Norbert College there are programs for students to join where they can meet other diverse students like them on campus and make friends in a place they may feel more comfortable and safe, such as Beyond Borders, Japan Club, LGBTQ, and College Republicans and Democrats. Helping to make St. Norbert’s campus a more diverse campus for the students needs.

Diversity at a Catholic college campus is very beneficial for the students on campus. It helps to teach the students to grow and interact with people of different color background and different cultural backgrounds. The creative, future workforce skills, and the religious values of a diverse Catholic college are the most important things you can learn in college outside of the classroom. And St. Norbert College promotes diversity on their campus. Letting students be who they are and helping to support their beliefs. Meghan Monahan talks about in her article Diversity is at St. Norbert  about how each student is their own person and how St. Norbert accepts everyone: “Each student is different in his or her own way. And each one of the unique people on this campus is accepted and loved. That is what St. Norbert does; it accepts people”. To me that means a lot that I am lucky enough to go to a school who accepts me and everyone else for who they are. It just shows how important a liberal arts education is to everyone no matter the color or the beliefs they have and St. Norbert takes care of their students the way all Catholic College campus’s all should.

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