Eric Bagg


Advancement of Online Learning

Over the last few years, my education has changed greatly. I am learning in a variety of new ways and I am understanding concepts more easily. With the advancement of online learning, I am able to access information easier and am able to take courses online. Teachers are offering alternatives to classroom lessons and are using online learning to present them. With the advancement of technology, the future of online learning will keep getting better. Online learning has proved to be beneficiary to my studies and is continuously getting better.

Online learning over the years is growing exponentially and has proven to be helpful for students. It is so easy for students to access information online and use it as resources. Back in the day, students had to go to a library to do research on a paper or project and now, students have the internet right in the palms of their hands. With the advancement of technology, students are being able to access the internet much easier. Online learning is going to be the new way of education for generations to come. It is going to be very beneficiary to students as it will help them grow as learners and be able to access information easier. It is also easier for teachers. Teachers can post assignments online and have students complete them at home. It is a good way of saving paper. Students can also submit papers online. At my old school, it was mandatory for students to submit papers to this site called Turnitin. This site helped reduce plagiarism and showed students where they can improve on their writing. Online learning is the new face of the future and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Online learning is quickly getting accustomed to many classrooms across the world. Online learning is pretty familiar to me. I have been using it since middle school and I have learned to love it.  David Brooks’s, a writer for the New York Times, explains how online learning is valuable to the learning world. “In the first place, online learning will give millions of students access to the world’s best teachers… Research into online learning suggests that it is roughly as effective as classroom learning.” Online learning is advancing faster than ever but when it first started out, teachers were getting used to it more than the students. For me as a learner, when I was first introduced to online learning, I thought it was terrible. I have always been one who likes to be in the classroom and take notes with a teacher physically in front of me. I was was in middle school when online learning really took off. When I first got to high school, teachers were using online learning in all of my classes. They used it to take take tests, submit assignments, and give lessons without even going to class. In this one class that I had, my teacher offered screencasts as a way to review topics that we went over in class. This served to be very beneficial to me and because of it, I understood topics easier. Online learning has shown that it has no signs of slowing down and is constantly assisting the needs of students.

With online learning means that students are expected to learn independently. Independent learning lowers the opportunity for teachers to helicopter over their students. Teachers are also losing the ability to helicopter over their students during class. Steven Conn, a professor at the Ohio State University, explains how the “helicopter effect,” affects students and their work ethic. “Rarely do students hear that their education is their own responsibility or that it must be worked at rather than simply consumed.”  It has been proven that online learning presents many distractions, but it has been able to help in their ability to learn by themselves. Teachers are always helicoptering over their students in class. Without the presence of their teachers, students should feel more obligated to do their online lessons.

In conclusion, online learning has many pros and cons to it. When it first started out, students and teachers were unsure whether it would be helpful. Over the years though, online learning has advanced into something new. For me as a student, I have benefited from online learning and have learned to love it. In order to use it to its resources, the student must be very advantageous when they are using it. It’s amazing how far online learning has come and it looks like it’s on the path to a bright future.

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