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SNC vs. Division 1

I believe that our athletics program at SNC is better than the money driven division one athletics. Although SNC is a division three school, its athletes become more successful after they’ve graduated. The NCAA puts more pressure on players to succeed, and has ridiculous restrictions that are put on student athletes. Students in college sports at SNC obtain a better education when compared to students playing in division one athletics. The student athletes at SNC, learn valuable life skills and can apply them off the field.

Division one athletes don’t recieve the education they deserve. In John Oliver’s video on the “NCAA,” many students shown on the video were academically ineligible. However, being in division one doesn’t mean that players can participate if they don’t have the grades. To fix this problem some colleges have resorted to “Paper Classes,” which are essentially just fake classes with grades that make it look as if athletes are doing well academically. Without an adequate education, many students will not be able to apply anything they’ve learned in the real world. Although some might say that if they’re still giving out diplomas then it’s all worth it, but having a diploma with no real education behind it can only go so far. All student-athletes in the NCAA have a responsibility to succeed academically, so they can play sports. Athletes are given incentives to obtain good grades so that they can be academically eligible to participate in sports. There is a major difference between the first, and third divisions, however, division three athletes benefit far more academically, than division one athletes. Ivkovic claims that division three athletes do better in school than regular students. “Our student-athletes graduate from college on time, at a higher rate than students in general.” What Ivkovic’s quote implies is, that the incentive to succeed in school works more effectively in the third division. There is also data that proves the effectiveness of third division athletics. In Dennis D. Berkey’s article “Impressive Results for Division Three Athletes,” he give statistical information about the athlete’s graduation rates. “The aggregate graduation rate among the D3 athletes was 86 percent, while the graduation rate for all students was only 62 percent.” Dennis Berkey proves his claim that division three athletes are academically successful, by providing data from real colleges and universities.┬áDivision three athletes recieve the education they deserve, while division one NCAA athletes don’t get the academic experience that they really need, to be able to make it after college.

SNC athletics programs are lest strict than the division one sports. In the “College Athletics by John Oliver” video, the coaches were seen verbally abusing the players, with one coach shown calling his athletes “a**holes.” In another instance a student going to see his dying mother was told he violated the rules and was punished because of it. If something like this were to happen at SNC many people would be outraged. In contrast to what to the money driven division one program, the SNC athletics are more about the game itself. According to Ivkovic division three school are more about the game itself than the money generated by the sport. “Our student-athletes attend college in order to receive diplomas, and in the process enjoy their athletic participation for the love of the game, which makes them richer for the experience.” What he’s saying here is, that the experience of playing in the sport is what actually matters. Student-athletes benefit more from a less competitive and non-money driven atmosphere, than the stricter, corporate environment of the NCAA division. Students are better off joining the division three, because they’re likely to enjoy the game better, than if they became student-athletes at the division one level.

Students at SNC develop skills that will help them throughout their entire lives. In Mr. Scheler’s class, everyone in the room was asked about their experiences with sports, specifically sports here at SNC. Many students talked about the ways in which participating in sports benefitted them academically, socially, and qualities that they gain from being in SNC’s sports program’s. Students learn to mange their time more effectively, because they don’t have as much time to spare. There’s no room for procrastination, when athletes have less time on their hands. There’s no choosing between sports and academics, when grades are bad students are considered academically ineligible. But if students aren’t committed then they have less time to play, responsibility is important to a be a part of the sport. Team mates also become friend with one another, that relationship can transfer over to college and beyond.

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