Eric Bagg

 College athletics has proven to be very important in the lives of students. Students have a lot of responsibility with just school alone but when you put a sport on top of that then it plays a bigger role. Student athletes are expected to develop good time management skills and act responsible both on and off the play field.Even though college athletics takes a huge commitment, it teaches students how to act responsibly and improve their work ethic (Claim).

College athletics takes a lot of time and commitment (Subclaim). College athletes are expected to balance all these activities and also have time to do homework and socialize on campus. This has a very positive effect on athletes. It teaches them how to organize their life and make it easy to succeed in school and their sports. If a student slack off even the slightest bit then it will punish them. They have to direct their focus to their school, athletics, and everything in between. For student athletes, no matter what division you are in, it takes a lot of hard work inside and outside the classroom. College takes everything and amplifies it by 2. The amount of homework you had in high school doubles. Students are expected to do at least 30 hours of studying a week. There is more practice time in sports in college sports than there were in high school also. For me personally, I can relate to this. At St. Norbert College I participate on the golf team. Being a freshman, I had high expectations going into this. I knew that it was going to take a large commitment of my time and that I had to manage it effectively. With such a heavy workload this year, it was essential for me to do so. It requires a lot of focus and you have to block out distractions internally and externally.

College athletes have to most importantly be responsible (subclaim). They made a decision to go to that school and play a sport. They are expected to act responsibly both on and off the play field. College offers many irresponsible choices for student athletes. It is a good thing that the drinking age is 21 because if it were 18 then it would cause problems with college athletes. DJ a student in my class, explained how the drinking age should remain 21 (evidence). “I think that 18 years of age is too early for people to be able to start drinking, they do not know their limits, drinking is expensive and could possibly ruin their future or lead them down the wrong path.” It would be unsafe for students and more importantly the athletes. They have to learn to be responsible and always remember the consequences of doing something bad. It really teaches the student athlete how to be responsible.Being responsible not only means making the right decision but it also means being responsible to in school.Students should always be responsible with their work so that they can stay in school. For student athletes especially, they should always complete their work and study because their sport depends on it. Responsibility is key for student athletes if they want to be successful in school.

Even though the drinking age should not be lowered, I believe that it should be policed more on college campuses. Drinking has become it’s own culture on college campuses. College students center everything around drinking. Tailgating, parties and other festivities and a lot of times it gets out of hand. A lot of the time, the students aren’t responsible enough to drink and could end up getting too drunk. With more police presence on campuses, they can not only prevent it from happening but also save lives easier of people who get alcohol poisoning. In other countries, they don’t have as much as a police presence and it has shown that they’ve paid for it. In European countries where the drinking age is lowered, it has caused more of a problem because they are being introduced to it at a younger age. In the United States, it would serve in our best interest to have more of a police presence because it would prevent drinking from happening and it would save lives.  

Finally, college athletics have a positive effect on students (subclaim). Athletes are introduced to a new social setting and can interact and get to know new people. College athletics allow you to form new relationships among team members and above all get closer with each other during competition. They are people who you can depend on, trust and go to anything with. My friend Drew Checolinski from class said in his piece that (evidence), soccer has really helped me be more social. I have made a lot of friends, that are my teammates. Athletics is college was a positive, because of the fact that it helped me meet new people, and get to know them.” No matter what sport you play, you will form bonds on your team. I know for a fact that I have. On the golf team, I have made so many friends and relationships. I have learned that it really helps players perform better and feel more confident when they’re in a competition.

In conclusion, college athletics has a positive effect on students. It helps the student grow and act responsibly. Students also learn how to build off their work ethic and improve their time management.  College athletics are a big commitment but it builds students into accomplishing their goals and make them better people.

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