Nevena Prebiracevic

I came to SNC to study psychology. Even though I graduated with dental technician and tour guide degrees in my home country of Montenegro, I’ve always been interested in psychology and dreamed of studying it someday. I decided to do so in the U.S. because education system is very different than in Europe, perhaps even better. Main difference that I prefer is variety of classes that are offered for all students in most colleges, regardless of the major. So why St Norbert College? I had visited it ten years ago while my cousin was a student here, and I was impressed with how beautiful and special the campus was. So I kept that image in my head, and when the opportunity for my education at SNC opened up, I seized it. In addition to my first impressions, I have also heard other good things about SNC, so that is why it was my first choice. More »

Solomon Brown

The step between being under the rule of your family and finally being in control of your own is a huge one. College for many is seen as a necessary step in order to properly function in the world, but for many students here, such as myself, it is so much more. I chose St. Norbert as my home because of the very apparent feeling of home. While walking around campus you are greeted with smiling faces and as many hellos as can count. It really does embrace the true meaning of a community. Here individuals aren’t just other students, or another stranger’s face who lives down the hall in a vast sea of tens of thousands of people. Here you can be you and everyone around you embraces that and tries to encourage you to be the best you that you can be and this is very important. They’re aren’t many places in the world that you can honestly say you’re encouraged to be yourself or to find yourself, oftentimes we are pushed into being More »

Zach Fritz

Why would I choose to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on college instead of going straight to work and earning money? Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are two men that made great livings without having to go to college. There is a possibility that you could be that diamond in the rough who goes on to make millions without having to go to school for four more years. Dale Stephens’s article about the broken college system does make a few strong points that do support an extreme situation where you might want to take the risk in becoming a Bill Gates. For instance, it is true that tuition is increasing at a rapid rate and that student loan debt is the biggest debt in the US. Those are two big issues that concern people trying to get into a university. However, he goes on explaining how college doesn’t prepare us for life: “College fails to empower us with the skills necessary to become productive members of today’s global entrepreneurial economy.” Just focusing on the skills necessary aspect, there is a reason that colleges have majors and minors; it is to broaden the knowledge particularly in the area that a student would like to pursue their career. According to economist.com, students with a college degree, on average, make $17,500 more than students who only have a high school diploma. It is true that you could find a job without having a college degree, but with a degree you have a vast range of job possibilities and have the higher credentials to beating out a competitor that is lacking a college degree. This is why I believe that college is the most stable option for an individual trying to lead a successful life. More »

Ruby Castillo

A higher education should not cost a lot of money in order to obtain a degree. In fact, Kurt Metzger says in an interview asking if college is really necessary: “Education is worth it but not if its 250,000 dollars”. Basically he is saying that college is a good thing to go to when it is offered at a reasonable cost. Good education should not have to cost a lot of money because an education is about learning so that one can get a good job. It should not cost a ridiculous amount of money to learn the same materials that others are at a different part of the world. There are other schools that are very reputable and offer education that is just as good as an expensive hot shot school that everyone has heard of. A higher education is not impossible to obtain. Even if a college is too expensive for some, online classes are still an option. They are reasonably priced and can help one obtain a degree. More »

Andrew Luebke

As the days moved on I had to prepare myself for your next journey in life. The decision of higher education. Some people struggle with the same decision. That decision would be to go to college or not. The influence of going to college changes from student to student. People ask will college pay off, what kind of college is right for me and is that college affordable. These possibilities are why some students go to college and why some students don’t.

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Nolan Matson

Why am I here at SNC? Over the past few days here and the weeks prior to moving here, I have asked  this question to myself several times. The first time I heard of St. Norbert College was in my senior year of High School. SNC sent me an email about applying to the college. At first, I did not think anything of it, but my mom said that I should apply and see what would happen. One thing lead to another and a couple of months later, I was here taking a tour at SNC in the middle of the winter. Even though I was absolutely freezing and the ground was covered in snow, I fell in love with the campus and the community. That was when I knew that I was going to come to school here in the upcoming fall. The reason that I am here this fall is to gain an education that would put me ahead of my desired work field; to gain experience new life experiences, friendships; and most importantly, find out who I really am as a person. And to also quickly adjust to the speed of college and succeed in this fast pacing environment, in sports and in the classroom.

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Collin Zovnic

In the United States, college has become so expensive that some people have to drop out because they can’t afford it. Fortunately though I don’t have to worry about that, as my parents provided me with all the money I needed. It’s still a relevant problem for lower class households, however, who may have the grades and knowledge to achieve a higher education, but don’t have the money to go there. A quote by Larry Wilmore Roundtable shows how much it’s inflated “since 1978 the cost of college tuition has risen 1120 percent.” Not all people graduate either, “only 59 percent of people who enter college actually graduate,” the other half become dropouts, I really hope I don’t became part of that 41 percent. Imagine those people trying to pay off years of college debt, while making less money if they had graduated. The rising costs of college is not something to ignore, it has become a very relevant issue, and it’s a debt that no one really wants to pay off. More »

Eric Bagg

Choosing St. Norbert among the other schools I applied to was a struggle. I didn’t know what to choose. All the other schools like Marquette and U of I seemed nice but there was something about St. Norbert’s that really pulled me in. I play golf so that was also a deciding factor during the process so it was tough to think where I have a best fit. The thing about St. Norbert’s is that it’s a big community. In a sense it’s like high school because you get to know basically everyone. But when I first visited here, I just got this feeling like I should be a part of this family. I felt like it would be a second home for me. Yeah it’s also close to my home town and they have really good academics but there was something about that was screaming in my head, “YOU NEED TO GO HERE!” I loved everything about the school. Something that really pulled me in was the attitude of the people. When I was here for a visit, the students and faculty treated me with respect and kindness. With respect to the other schools, none of them compared to St. Norbert.  More »

Shiela Mae Holder

A four year college degree will help students achieve success in their future. St. Norbert College has good academic programs that will help students in their lives after they graduate. A liberal arts college is good choice because liberal arts education will have a huge impact for their careers and also will help students to learned tons of ideas that they can use in their lives more generally. I chose St. Norbert because I really want to know not only a particular field or subject but also to get a broad education that covers many fields. The school where I came from before in the Philippines doesn’t have strong liberal arts programs because they really focus on the work you will get after you graduate. I grew up and studied in the Philippines. I went to a technical college for one semester and I experienced the difference between a liberal arts education and a technical college. What I experienced in the technical school was that a technical school is a really good school if you are interested in a particular subject like engineering, but if you’re not, then the school doesn’t have many choices for someone who wants to have a general education. More »

Megan Fabel

Finding a college like St. Norbert made it easy to imagine what a great future I could have with it being a school induced with the liberal arts. I had done a lot of research in finding a college that had the best program for my degree and St. Norbert was one of the few that had it. Liberal arts were also a big deciding factor because I wanted to have a well-rounded education that STEM colleges don’t offer. STEM colleges base their learning on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I wanted to have a more broad education because I think learning things such as music and theology should also be in the curriculum. St. Norbert had all of those things making it a super easy decision when accepting to SNC. More »

Rebecka Olsson

In Sweden, where I am from, college and university tuition is for free. I repeatedly get the question from my friends both from here and home: “why are you not studying in Sweden?” I mean, I could likewise stay home in Sweden, get the same education as I get here (for free) and be able to be with my family and friends every day. But the reason why I am at SNC is because I wanted to get an experience along with a great education and to learn another language apart from my native language. I believe that there is no better way of learning English than to actually live in an english speaking country. More »

Caleb Lefeber

Is college worth it? There are many people around the world that will say college is not worth it. They say college is a waste of money and time, that any person can get a good job and sustain their future without going to college. One of these critics who agrees that college is not worth it, is Dale Stephens. Dale disagrees with the concept of college, he believes you don’t need college by saying: “College is a waste of time”.  Another person who thinks college is a waste of time is Anya Kamenetz. Anya believes college is a scam to get money from innocent people: “there are a lot of people for whom it’s (college) absolutely a rip off…” All these critics claim college is a waste of time, or it’s a rip off. Then there’s some people who don’t think getting a degree from a college is worth it in anyway. They say that you can life a good life, and get a good job without a college degree. They make it seem that you can just graduate high school, start working and make hundreds of thousands of dollars and make way with your future. Too bad that that doesn’t really even happen in movies. But very few people and don’t need college to live a good life in their future, they can get good jobs without going to college, though college could get them better jobs. Yes college is expensive, and yes some people don’t need college. But most of us do need college. College is not a waste of time, college helps us set a pathway that we can follow to help us succeed in our future careers. More »

Brock Moldenhauer

I fell for it. I bought right into what society wants us all to fall for today. All through high school I did my homework and studied for test just to get good grades. Those grades were useless to me besides to get into a college. That’s what society wants though. College is great, it essentially is the kick start to our society. The jobs that are created just due to college is huge for the economy. It’s not like forty years ago where you could get done with high school and start evolving right into your career. Today in order to have a well paying job, a college degree is almost always necessary.  More »

Drew Checolinski

In my whole family, not a single member has received a college degree. The main reason I am in college is to get a college degree and a job when I graduate. I grew up in a small town named Hartford, located in Wisconsin. I went to St. Kilian for middle school. I would wake up every day excited to go to school. I had a lot of great friends, memorable field trips, and recess was always the best part of the day. Those moments were not the most important factors that made school so enjoyable. Looking back, the teachers in the school were always supportive, encouraging, and made me enjoy learning. While in high school, I started to think more and more about what I wanted to do with my life. I decided I wanted to teach. I am majoring in education. I hope to teach in a middle school grades 1-8 and as a side job, coach basketball and soccer. I still could not decide where I would end up attending school. Playing soccer my whole life, and becoming an all-state player my senior year, would help give me options. I had a few choices. Schools that include Platteville, Marion, and UW-Superior offered a starting position if I would attend their school, but I chose St. Norbert College. My goal in life was to go to college and get a degree, and I knew soccer would help me with this. I ended up choosing SNC because of its great academics, and education program. I visited many other colleges, but St. Norbert felt right. St Norbert is an expensive school even with some scholarships, so even though it felt right I had a big decision to make.  More »

Bridget Leen

When we are little, we worry about different things like who we were going to play with or what we were going to have for a snack, but for the most part that is about the only thing kids really worry about. For me, as a little kid, I was confused by all the high school and college stuff. I never knew which one came first, and I thought if I did not figure it out I would go to them in the wrong order. Even when I was little I was worried about college, but not in the same way as I am now. Sometimes I think if school is even worth the money, but then I think about it and my answer is always yes. Yes, college is expensive, but I feel like a four-year education is worth the money. I feel like STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, are great to know, but at a liberal arts college you can learn so much more than just those four subjects. More »

Cecillia Clausen

I always knew I wanted to go to college after high school, I just had no idea where to go. I knew I wanted to be an education major so that was the next step. What would be the best school for me to help with my degree? I started touring schools to see if I liked a big school or a small school. After just one tour, I was hooked, not just because of the campus and how beautiful it was, but also because of the food.  I loved how close all of my classes were to each other and who wouldn’t want to come to a school where you can study by the water, have smaller class sizes so you are not sitting in some huge lecture hall, and for me, be close to home? I also really liked how SNC is a liberal arts school, meaning that the teaching here is different. The teachers try to push you to see things in different ways which helps the students to learn more and understand more. The first time I set foot on campus, I knew this was the right school for me. More »

Selena Cashman

College tuition has peaked over the past decade, and I think it’s driving students away. However, society continues to put pressure on high school graduates to attend a two or four-year college. Sincecollege tuition has increased, it makes students think about if college is really worth the amount of money and time they would be putting in.

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D.J. Dickson

I think we can all agree that college is expensive. What has really changed that much that gives them the right to increase how much we pay by thousands of dollars? We save like crazy and work multiple jobs just to help reduce the amount of debt we will end up in from taking out loans to pay our tuition. I really do believe that college is worth attending but not for tens of thousands of dollars a year. The only thing that made me a little uncertain about going to college was the price of tuition. The price of tuition cost so much at some schools, such as the St. Norbert, that it just made me feel uneasy about attending there. Larry Wilmore notes that the price of higher education has increased dramatically over the years: “I was shocked by that statistic, since 1978 the cost of college tuition has risen 1120%. That is staggering, and if you want to send your kid to a decent school, it is 30,000 probably 50,000.” If you want to go to a good school that will be beneficial towards your future, you’re paying a substantial amount of money just for them to attend the school.College has become very expensive and not always beneficial. Every year, more and more people enroll in college and are graduating college, making having a college degree more of a social norm. You have teachers who will sometimes call off of class for whatever reasons and now you can not attend a class you are paying thousands of dollars for. Certain colleges have huge classes where you are viewed as number instead of a student, and some teachers will not even meet with their students, but instead have their teaching assistant meet with the students who have questions or need help. We are paying thousands of dollars a year to sometimes not even be helped by the teacher in some classes. A lot of todays public and youth believe it is worth it to go to college but not at the price for tuition some of these colleges are charging students.

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By: Sierra Severin

I did not choose to go to college just to further my education, but for something that means even more to me. I chose to go to college for my mother. I wanted to show my mother that she raised me to be successful in the future. I want my mother to feel like she raised a daughter that she can be proud of. Not everyone in my family got a chance to go to college, which is why my mother really pushed me to go. My mother could not afford to go to college when she was eighteen because you could not receive most grants and scholarships or financial aid that you can get today. I am grateful that my family was able to help me get into college, and be there for me every step of the way. My mother was always worried that we never got a proper education, and this way I can show her that I am making sure I get a proper education to get a great job and have a great future. More »

Isabel Detienne

The debate on whether or not the price of college is worth the possible rewards later in life has recently become one of the most debated topics. People all over the world have highlighted multiple points over this issue. One important figure addressing this issue, with whom I agree, is Fareed Zakaria. He strongly defends the importance of a four-year college degree and routinely meets with a variety of talk show hosts, in addition to publishing numerous papers, to publicize his ideas. On, The Nightly Show, with Larry Wilmore, Fareed states, “It is absolutely clear that people who go to a four-year college make substantially more money over the course of their lifetime.” This economic argument emphasizes his overall belief. Personally, I gain a lot of comfort from his position as it helps to relieve my personal discomfort relative to the risks and stresses behind spending an overwhelming amount of money to hopefully get a well-paying job after college. More »