Nevena Prebiracevic

Writing was never a big passion of mine; in fact, I was always much better with numbers on paper than with words. After all, math was my “first love.” However, recognizing the importance of written expression—and having maintained for a long time a consistent feeling that I was lagging behind—I have spent a considerable amount of time writing in both Montenegrin, my native tongue, and also in English. Even so, I do not consider my writing skills in either language exceptional; not even close. As someone who likes to read a lot and has a lot of ideas and opinions on different topics, I understood early on how important it was to gain a certain level of writing proficiency in order to communicate my thoughts. Despite this understanding, however, I have struggled with it. While I can spend hours discussing and debating a wide range of topics, when it comes to putting my thoughts and ideas down, it gets a bit complicated. In part, I blame my formal education in Montenegro for this. As a culture deeply rooted in the oral tradition, our exams and assignments were, for the most part, oral or practical examinations. Written assignments were rare. This, I believe, hindered my comfort with writing. And, of course, writing in Montenegrin has been significantly easier than in English because I no longer think about the grammar or sentence structures as they have become a part of the natural process. On the other hand, English has a different set of writing rules and sentence structures which have been, at times, challenging to grasp. More »

Caleb Lefeber


During my first semester of college I have overall became a much better writer than I was previously before I enrolled at Saint Norbert College, I can thank the class, College Writing taught by Professor Scheler, for developing me into the more experienced writer I am now. The small process assignments and the blog posts slowly but surely inclining my knowledge of writing in all aspects and helping me into a better writer. I have learned many knew writing tools and tips that I can use in future papers. Even though I feel like I have developed into a better writer, I still have much more to learn to become even more skilled at writing. That’s a long way away.

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Cecillia Clausen

Over the course of the semester I have noticed my writing skills have improved and I am able to well organize my essays much better than I was able to in the beginning of the semester. I am able to write more clear of essays and arguments in this class as well as in my other classes. I have learned easier ways to form thesis statements, which is one thing I really struggle with and to get my point across in my essays. More »

Shiela Mae E. Holder

Having a college writing course makes a huge difference in my education. In the first day of class in all of my subjects, I was nervous with the idea that, I would not be able to pass all my subjects because writing is my greatest concern. I know that the only way to improve my writing is to take the college writing class for my first semester because I know that a college writing class would help me to write properly. And I would use all I have learned to my other subjects and later in my life. The writing course has helped me a lot because my teacher really gives each of his students feedback and that is very useful for students. Furthermore, I will explain what I have learned in every blog post in the college writing course. More »

Solomon Brown


Writing, like anything else, takes time to improve on and master. It is impossible for somebody to be able to pick up a pen and a pencil and begin writing and this is very evident throughout the first few of my first draft posts. However throughout college writing I learned how to use a point first or last paragraph, better sentence structure. From blog post one to four I have improved immensely and I know that writing will help me tremendously throughout my life. More »

Ruby Castillo

Honestly, I have never loved to writing and I don’t think I ever will but I have learned to see it as important instead of a chore. In school I always feared any kind of essays, especially the creative writing assignments. Throughout my twelve years in school, teachers taught how to write in different ways never saying why they did things a certain way. It was always, “ Do it because I say so”. Also, every year teachers wanted students to write their way so there was never a consistent way to write. Some wanted a long introductions with multiple paragraphs, each introducing one claim More »

Rebecka Olsson

I am unfamiliar with writing in English, since my native language is Swedish and this is the first time I have attended an American school. The IDIS100 course has been a perfect course for me in my first semester in college. I have improved my writing skills remarkably since the beginning of this semester. The most important thing that I have learnt in this class is the importance of the process of writing, something that I need to keep in mind when I write papers in my other classes too. Throughout this course, I have been exposed to a new method of writing. I have always been one of those people who writes the paper the night before it is due and submits it 5 minutes before the time that it is due. The college writing course has made me realize that a good essay takes a lot more time and effort than what I initially thought. I have realized that the process of writing is just as important as the final product. More »

Nolan Matson

At beginning of my first year here at SNC, I thought that writing would only be a minor skill that would be need to know. However, I learned very quickly that I was wrong. Turns out as a college student, you have to use your writing skills in every class and use them to the best of your ability. This College writing class has help me develop my writing ability and taught me new techniques to take my writing to a whole another level. This is why I believe that writing is just as important as learning itself. More »

Andrew Luebke

By taking the course, College Writing, I have gained many skills that will help me with my final classes this fall, next spring semester and the rest of my time at St. Norbert College. Even when I’m taking a test I find myself using these skills to improve my grades. These skills that I learned are point first point last, narrowing my points, finding creditable sources to use. More »

Eric Bagg

This semester has shown me how important and useful writing is. Now that this semester is coming to an end, I am starting to notice the value in my writing and how I have improved it over this past semester. My professor has shown me through powerpoints and lectures techniques, different strategies to use when improving mine and other students writing. Now that I have finished this first semester, my writing has flourished into something better and I am now able to structure my papers better and develop a stronger thesis to back up my papers. More »

Drew Checolinski

During my time spent in IDIS 100 writing class, I have improved my writing, by using lessons taught in classroom. Using all the techniques that were presented in the classroom and blogs, also with the feedback of a helping professor I have expanded my knowledge not only with writing, also on subjects that I wrote about. Learning how to write more correctly, will not only help me with school, but also in everyday situations.  I understand that I could have learned this information outside of a writing class, but the class was an easier, more enjoyable way to learn these ideas. All the information learned, and skills this class has taught me, will lead to a better life.

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Selena Cashman

I believe that I have grown as a writer by taking this course at St. Norbert College. During high school I did not take the time to improve my writing skills for college and I definitely think this course has been beneficial for my writing experience. Writing also was never one of my strong subjects and I always have wanted to improve my writing abilities to prepare me for college. The course has also prepared me for the rest of my years at St. Norbert’s and for my future career. The most important qualities that this writing course has brought to me were, the use of quotations, developing a strong argument, and the importance of how this course will help me in the future. More »

Brock Moldenhauer

There are some things in life that everyone can not escape, one of those things is communication through writing. In a world full of text messages and emails, communication has been simplified and most of the time there is no need to write a well developed paper.  The problem with text messages and emails is that they are basic. It does not require a long or detailed thought process to develop a put together text. In essence, you don’t have to ever stretch yourself and develop a planned out letter or paper that allow you to develop communication skills that are respectable and professional. Understanding the traits of writing is a value that is important to everyone regardless if they will use the traits for written communication or verbal communication.           More »

D.J. Dickson

Writing will be a value to my education because it helps to further my knowledge on English and understand my material better. It gives me confidence in what I am saying and helps give my opinion a voice. Without writing, I don’t think I would use proper grammar or understand the material I am reviewing or learning as well as I do with the help of writing. I have improved my writing skills with learning from my English and other writing classes while also getting to practice to much with all of the essays I type. The lessons have taught me how to really voice my opinion. They showed me how to draw a reader in and persuade them, how to get my point across and how to clearly define my
claim, follow it with evidence and then seal the deal with my reasoning behind it.

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Zach Fritz

You can learn a lot from writing over a semester. As a high schooler, I was a sub-par writer. I could get by earning B’s because I had enough knowledge and an extensive vocabulary to make a paper sound intelligent, which seemed to me like a good approach to writing a paper at the time, but I was never taught how to properly organize and write a paper. I couldn’t tell you what the purpose of claims, reasons, and evidence were. I couldn’t give you an example of acknowledge and response, and I never knew how to hyperlink sources. When I look back on it now, in high school I had no plan of attack when writing a paper for an English class or anything in general. I would simply just wing it until I had a draft that seemed like it made sense to me. Being introduced to this college writing class did not just improve me as a writer but it changed my writing style. More »

Megan Fabel

Each essay I did was improved in some type of way. Sometimes not in huge terms but even in the slightest touch, they still improved. As we got topic after topic, I think I learned how to become a better writer because I was able to look at different sources that made sense with what I was writing. Each post we did had a meaning; each with its own argument and reasoning behind it. I have never been taught to write blog post as a topic for class, so this whole experience was very new to me. Researching and finding new evidence and quotes were just a few things that I had never really thought to have put so much time and effort into one of my writings because I didn’t think it would make much difference on how much time I spent or not. Getting the opportunity to expand my horizons and broaden my writing abilities have really been sculpted to a tee all while being in this class; making me a whole new writer and even giving me a whole new way to look at writing, critiquing and getting the right information to back up every piece of evidence I put into my writing. More »

Collin Zovnic

By taking this course I have gained valuable skills, that will help me in the writing class I’ll be taking in the spring. Many of the writing skills I’ve learned are used in other classes as well, like when I write an essay or on a test I use the techniques we’ve learned from class to structure my paragraphs/argument. Beyond college, writing skills are an important part of any job, so having the quality of a good writer is essential. Throughout the course of this class (IDIS 100) we have written four blog post, that reflect the topic the class was currently engaged in. These blog posts are about online education, the affordability of college, and diversity in our higher education. More »

By: Sierra Severin

When asked how writing impacts my learning, I really had to think about it. I knew that writing impacted my learning but I didn’t quite know how to put it into words. When trying to figure out how it impacted my learning, I had to look at the two main words in that question, writing and learning. When we think about writing we usually think about putting words onto paper either using a computer or the old fashion way, pen and paper. But writing is much more than that. It’s a way to express how you feel about something. To be able to fully express how you feel about a topic, you have to be to know how to express it in the best way possible. Now let’s take a look at the word learning. Learning to me is always ongoing. You will never stop learning about things because no one knows everything. So back to the main question, how does writing impact my learning? When thinking about it and making argument boxes like my professor suggested, I came up with a few ways that writing impacted my learning. More »

Isabel Detienne

My goal in life is to continue to grow and flourish until I become the best me possible. I want to achieve my greatest potential in every aspect of my life. In order to achieve this goal, I put in continuous hours of work in order to improve myself in as many ways possible. Despite my best efforts, I realize there are some things in life I might never master. One of these things is the subject of English and, more specifically, writing.

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Bridget Leen

Over the past few months we have written four different blog posts. As the course of this class continued, I saw my writing improve. Before this class I did not feel very confident in my writing. As of now, I feel more confident. I know that I still have thing to work on in my writing, but before this class I did not really know how to form a proper paragraph. I also learned about different things that was going on in our country. We talked about alcohol, to sports, and diversity in colleges. With out taking this class I might have not learned about these topics. More »