i Classroom Education is Better Then Online | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Drew Checolinski

Classroom education is the best way of educating students. I never was one for online learning. I feel like students have to be in the classroom to best learn, which leads to classroom education being the best way to educate. I was surprised with the online courses. They did a great job of interacting, and helping one understand information. I feel if someone needed to go to college but did not have time or had other obligations, online education is for them. They will not have the classroom environment, but some people might like that and learn even better. In college, some classes have online work, and school work that requires students to go online for. I do them, but I do not prefer them. There are many reasons for this, I did not do it much in middle school, and high school, and also I am not that type of learner. The online courses are not a bad option and one can get a great education, but nothing compares to the full college experience and taking the classical ways of education in the classroom.

In the classroom there are many different ways to learn. For your RAM part of your brain to receive knowledge and process it to your cortex, it needs to have information given in many different ways. First, the environment is better, because it is a learning environment that makes you concentrate. The classroom blocks out external and internal distractions. Teachers and students in the classroom concentrate on the subject and what is being taught. It makes the student more in tune and concentrated. For the internal part, the student are not on computers, wondering what is on Facebook, or thinking about what their best friend tweeted. They are not thinking about anything else besides what is going on in the classroom.

There are more ways of learning then just visual in the classroom. On online visual is the biggest technique of learning. If one is a visual learner they will not have much a problem doing online classes. I am not saying that if a student is a visual learner they should do online classes. They will get the visual aspect in the classroom along with others. Classrooms are better with the technique of visual learning. Not only can the student see the information visually but other techniques are in use along with the visual. These multiple modalities help students understand information better.

Another reason the classical way is better than online classes is that the students has more responsibilities in their school life that they will encounter in the future when they have families and jobs. The fact, that for four years, they went to class, and worked with other people looks good to any job you are trying to get. Of course, Online is good is if you are getting a job where you work alone, or on computers. Companies that have other workers, and employees, it is important that you can communicate, and get along with them. Education the classical way or in a classroom is overall a better way to learn, remember and better your future.

I already stated the classroom will help you more mentally and help you retain more information, but that is not the only way the classical way of education can improve one’s life compared to online. There are more physical benefits. The classroom, usually requires people to walk to it, and maybe walk around in classroom and do physical activities. When on the computer you are there for several hours, and unless you are moving around while on your computer, you are not being active. Also, Adam Chandler, a writer that compared online with classroom effects, says that “A face-to-face meeting in a classroom imposes accountability, inspires effort and promotes academic responsibility in subtle ways that we don’t fully appreciate. This is important because the students will learn and do better in their classes. On campus students attend class and stay alert because they worry the teacher will think if they don’t. When they are in the classroom, the mental side of this is won, as in life you have to show up.

Not only do I think online classes are worse than being in actual classrooms, but so do many of my peers. Taking a look at what some wrote about online classes, they do not enjoy sitting on a computer and not being active. Some like that they can ask questions in the classroom, if they do not get what they are being taught. I interviewed my friend Alex Jessel, who is a bio major here at St. Norbert. “You can get a better relationship with your professor and can communicate directly.” This is interesting because not only does he like to have communication directly with the professor, but he can build a relationship with them. This helps him understand what is being taught better, and clearer.

In review, Classrooms in college is overall better then online. In the classroom there are many different ways to learn which lets the RAM part of your brain comprehend and retain more information. Just like online learning the classroom also has visual learner but better! They will also have a better chance of getting a job, and classrooms prepare students for their future, giving the students responsibilities and manners they will need. Mentally and physically the students are more beneficial in the classroom. Overall the classroom is a better way of learning!


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