i College Athletics Improves Students | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

College athletics makes athletes time on campus a great experience . College athletics benefits students by teaching valuable lifelong skills. Some of these skills are leadership, time management, a never give up mentality, and respecting those you care about.

          As an athlete I can assure football had taught me leadership. Football allowed me to motivate others to their job. I have been playing football for the last 8 years and when I was a senior in high school I was honored as one of the few to be a team captain. All during that year I took charge when it was needed, to help other players succeed. I definitely felt that trait carry on into the school year when group projects popped up. In my view, leadership is one of the most important traits to have in life. After you graduate from college businesses look for someone that is responsible and will be in charge if something goes wrong.

          Student athletes also learn time management. To be a college athlete you must be able to juggle a tight schedule. If you cannot do so, you schooling will suffer. There is one example of this at St. Norbert. There was a player on our team that had horrible grades. He sat done with the coaches and talked about his options and he ended up skipping 2 weeks of football to get his grade up. After the 2 weeks were up he was allowed to return to the practice field and get back to football. Since then the player has learned time management and hasn’t had an incident like that again.

          College athletics has also taught young adults to care about one another. Caring for others is a trait that every human being should have. I cannot go a day at practice or at a game without caring for my teammates. I learned to have my teammates back and I trust that they will have mine. In one of our in-class discussions. We had a student talk about how when she came here she was going to be on the hockey team. She said that she was nervous because she didn’t know anyone on the team. Her teammates cared for here by Facebook messaging her and introducing themselves. Her teammates cared for her which allowed them to create a bond that won’t be broken. Caring for one another usually transfers over into the community, I have seen player from all sports go out of there way every once in a while to help out someone in need.

          Never giving up in life is generally a given. A Person should never quit because it is too hard. The work place will test an individual with many obstacle and it is your job to figure it out. Quitting when the obstacles are too hard will result in a lost job or being fired. College athletics allows students to have that mentality of never giving up. In sports if you ever give up you will either be riding the bench or be off the team. Coaches do not teach that way. If you have a goal to reach you work for it. In one of our in class discussion Brock said, “Football has taught me to never give up and to keep pushing on no matter how hard it is.” Brock is talking about how football teaches how to work hard.  No one ever gives up and say “it’s to hard” or “I can’t do that”.With a mentality like that nothing will be accomplished. When you are on the field and your goal is to win the game, you’re going to bust your butt until you win that game.

         College athletics benefits students by teaching valuable lifelong skills. It will teach how to be a leader, manage your time wisely, care for one another and have a never give up mentality.

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