i College Athletics: Positive Effect on Students | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Drew Checolinski

Being a student is an important time in anyone’s life. Making the most out of the college is experience is key in having an enjoyable college experience. One aspect of the college life that can positively impact the life of a student are athletics. Students attend college sometimes just for athletics, and some do athletics just for enjoyable experience. Although, there are many people who do not play sports while they are in college. They also have some advantages that athletes do not have. They have a lot more time on their hands, sometimes less stress, and more social time. Although these are positives, there are more positives with being an athlete than not being one. Being a college athlete lets the student live the college life healthier, smarter, and more fun, all while gaining valuable lessons and skills that will help the student for the rest of their lives.

People who end up playing sports, and joining athletics develop more skills that they can use in the future. Students end up attending college to better their future and eventually get a stable job. In college students want to learn skills that would better them for the future. They have to communicate with more people, and work together. When they get a job, they will have to do the same with their co-workers, and other people. I play soccer here at St. Norbert and it has been a positive due to the fact that it has helped me meet new people and build connections with them. I have had to work with many people, even if I did not agree with them or like them, for one common goal. I have to talk to my coach, and understand my role and what he specifically wants me to do. Then I have to understand teammate’s roles, and work with them for one common goal. This helps my communication skills, as well as knowing how to work with others and building relationships with them. People who do not play sports, or join athletic teams, will never develop the skills that people who do. Students who decide to join an athletic team develop better people skills that will ultimately help them better their future when working with people.

Not only will meeting new people help better the future of student but it will help better the life the student currently. Rebecka, a student from Sweden, told a story about how she did not know anyone before coming to St. Norbert College. Players from the women’s hockey team messaged her and befriended her before she got here, so when she got here she was not alone.  She now has friends and spends time with them. If someone is not from a college that they attend and they did not know anyone, they would have to make friends in their own way. This can be difficult for many people, and others make friends without a problem. Athletics makes this process easier and has helped Rebecka become more social. This overall made Rebecka’s college experience better. She does not have to worry about making friends, as much, and focus on other important things, a college student has to worry about. This example shows how athletics can help a student’s life currently.

Being an athlete I understand how time is very valuable. Like Zach, a baseball player in my writing class, he talked about practice, weight lifting, and school work. I have the same problem dealing with all these events and managing my time. School work can become overwhelming due to the lack of time. Because of the athletics and the time consumption, it helps create a better time-managing student. Balancing all these activities, creates skills that the student develops. They are committed to the team that has several meetings during the week, for practices and games. They have to attend class every week, and work on homework. Not only do they have to do all this but still work on their body by exercising and lifting weights. Trying to fit their social lives involved with this schedule is tough, and sometimes requires the student to have little sleep. Robert J, Gutenberg, an American psychologist and psychometrician, states that it is necessary for students to play athletics during school. I stated that it betters the student for the future by increasing time management skills. That is not the only way it can better a student for the future. Robert explains that sports build leadership skills, and loyalty. He has talked to many employers and they have said that they prefer to hire students who have played a sport while in high school or college. By working for one goal, and fighting for win with your team builds leadership roles, and loyalty, that the student can take with them in the working environment.

Stress is experienced by students everywhere in college. I experience stress every day, whether it be myself stressed over an exam I have to study for, or watching my roommate stressed over work he does not get. While playing sports I can relieve stress. I love soccer and played it my whole life, so I enjoy playing it, and I can forget about everything for a little while. Also, while playing the sport, I exercise which helps reduce stress. Exercising also helps me keep my body in shape and feeling good. I never really had to worry about my body because of the Athletic part of my life. Students who do not play must watch their lifestyle. Because of athletics students live a healthier life, which can positively impact school work, and their overall life. Students can argue that they can eat right, and find more time to exercise, but athletics make this whole process easier.

All these ideas do not apply to all student athletes, but most of people who have wrote about being a student athlete have wrote all positives about it. There are some cases where athletics has a negative effect on a students, depending on the certain student. In most cases this is not the case and athletics impact students positively. Athletics will better a student’s future by teaching those abilities, skills, and understanding that will be needed when they are working. Not only does athletics brighten the future of the students, but it makes the present a more enjoyable experience dealing with the social aspect.  Although athletics can be time managing, playing a sport, can create time management skills that others who do not play cannot. Athletics positively impact students’ lives now, and for the future and is overall a great experience for any student.

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