Selena Cashman

College tuition has peaked over the past decade, and I think it’s driving students away. However, society continues to put pressure on high school graduates to attend a two or four-year college. Sincecollege tuition has increased, it makes students think about if college is really worth the amount of money and time they would be putting in.

St. Norbert college was not my first-choice school because I grew up in De Pere and I wanted to branch out and explore a different town. I ended up getting accepted into a few other schools, but I heard a lot of positive things about St. Norbert’s. I knew that I would also get an excellent education there. I ended up enrolling at St. Norbert’s, and I have been loving every bit of it so far. I hope to get my under-graduate in biology and find a job in the medial field.

I believe that most high school graduates should attend a four-year college or at least a technical college to gain more knowledge before they get a permanent job. My parents never went to college, but growing up, they wanted my sister and I to receive a higher education. They always thought it was hard to get a job without having a college degree. The line of work I want to do requires me to to have more than a four-year college degree, so it was an easy choice to attend college. College will be a great opportunity because I can get a better job and also receive a higher salary. I could also end up loving my job more with just getting a few more years of education. The Panel which was made up of a few people discussing if getting a higher education was worth it or not Metzger: “education is worth it unless it costs 250,000 dollars”. I agree with the first part of his statement but not the cost part. I think that I am determined to get through college. If it costs a lot that I can be successful in the future by my debt being motivation.

What I will learn from my liberal arts education at St. Norbert’s is getting to explore different classes that non-liberal arts colleges don’t have to offer. The advantagesI will get from a liberal arts school vs. a two-year technical college is smaller class sizes and students will be more active in the college experience. Also, liberal arts colleges have required classes like philosophy, theology and others that can teach students about different things. I think this quote is true, that a liberal arts education will set any student up for success in the future and it will help students adapt to new careers. St. Norbert’s has a lot to offer for my biology degree because of the new GMS building  Edward J. Ray: “liberal arts degree provides a great foundation for adjusting to new careers and further education,” I believe that this liberal arts education will help me go farther in the future.

Dale Stephens argues that college is a waste of time. I disagree with him because, when students enter the workforce, companies look for college degrees on applications to hire future employees. The main point of college is to get a degree and enter the workforce. I believe that it can be more than that, like meeting new people and getting the college experience. Stephens: “the success of people who never attended college makes us question whether what we need to learn is taught in school.” College is not for everyone because of the cost, but for the people who want to spend the money on education, it can definitely be worthwhile.

I definitely think college is a great investment because it is not only about education, but it’s also about getting the college experience: which is making friends that will last a lifetime and experiencing life on my own. I also believe that I will be getting a better education with having a liberal arts degree; it will open up other job options for me.

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