i College Universities Will Shape Students Better Than Online Schools | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Selena Cashman

Receiving a higher education after high school has become important for finding a better career. Since technology has advanced highly in the last few years it is given the option for students to not just go to a technical school or a university but to receive a online degree. The importance of experiencing an in class education is crucial for developing the following traits as an adult. Which are developing interpersonal and social interactions, skills for taking exams, and time management.

I believe working face to face with other students and in small groups can help receive one on one interpersonal and social interactions. It can also prepare for discussions in the future with employees that involve one on one and small group conversations. Those activities will be developed by taking classes on a campus vs. online classes Solomon wrote: “collaborate in order to be successful, and by putting students in front of a screen all day instead of working in tandem with their peers”.Taking online classes will not prepare students for the future because they will not have those discussions with other people face to face. When I had to do an online assignment for my writing class it was an easy assignment but, it was hard not being able to discuss my thoughts about the reading with my classmates face to face. Interpersonal interactions are also important because students might not understand an assignment but another student might be able to help them out.

A second clam that a university is more effective than online schooling is there being a higher risk of cheating. If students would take online classes, the exams are all online so it would be easier to use notes and other information to help them while taking the exam. An example of this is one of my cousins got her degree online and she used her notes on all of her exams. I believe like it was harder for her to get her degree because she did not learn the material well. She could just have her textbooks open while she was taking the exam and then did not study as hard. Its hard to know if people are actually learning the material because of of the risk of cheating.

Time management is another important trait students can receive at a universities vs. online schooling. My cousin said there is not a scheduled time that she had to do her classes online. Which I believe would be difficult because university classes have set times when to go to class. Going to a university or a technical college is also beneficial because those schools have academic advisers and counselors to help students out with scheduling classes. I needed to make sure my course work was not an over load for me so, my academic advertisers were a wonderful source for not having scheduling conflicts. They also help with making sure the right classes correlate with the right major. If students would take online classes they would not have the same support as they do at universities. When I signed up for classes at St. Norbert College I had an academic adviser who helped me with the classes that I should be taking as a freshman, which guided me in the right direction for my future at St. Norbert College.

Overall I believe getting an on campus education will prepare students for the future more than an online college would. It will prepare students for their future by having discussions with peers and professors face to face not through a computer screen. From having in class discussions it will improve communication skills and help learning how to interact with multiple people. Students will also be getting better educations at some universities because the risk of cheating will not be a factor. Students would not be using a computer to take exams so they would learn all the information needed to receive their degree. Universities won’t just give students a great education they will also shape them as a person and prepare them for the future.

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