Andrew Luebke

Diversity is an important issue at every school. For some students the diversity of a school determines if a student will come to a college such as St. Norbert. For some, St. Norbert College does not offer a very diverse school. Although SNC is a great school with great education I believe diversity is a major problem that needs to be resolved. Diversity means “range of differences”. At SNC you primarily see white men and women throughout the college. A diverse campus is needed to create a more inclusive environment for every person regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity, etc.

There are many benefits to having a more diverse school. One potential benefit is an increase in academics. These positive academic changes would be better grades in classes and tests, to better critical thinking skills of each individual student, to offering more classes throughout the school.  Sophia Kerby wrote in her article 10 Reasons Why We Need Diversity on College Campuses: “the overall academic and social effects of increased racial diversity on campus are likely to be positive, ranging from higher levels of academic achievement to the improvement of near- and long-term inter-group relations.” Kerby here is expression that if a school were more diverse that school could potentially perform better academically and great a better relationship with all races, genders, etc. If St. Norbert were to diversify more we could see these positive changes.

Having a diverse college prevents/reduces racial discrimination. Racial discrimination at schools have made national news recently. At Missouri University former president Tim Wolfe who’s miss-handling of racial events lend to his resigning. Jena McGregor wrote in her article how students at Missouri felt about the scandal: “Students were frustrated by what they saw as the school’s and Wolfe’s lack of action in the wake of racial incidents that had occurred on campus, which included the student body president and a group of black students being called racial slurs.” Tom Wolfe then took no action on these events and just let it happen. It took various strikes on campus including a hunger strike and the football team wouldn’t play until Tim Wolfe was gone as president of Missouri. A few days later Tim Wolfe then resigned as president. By increasing diversity at colleges we can stop people like Tim Wolfe who over look racism at schools and students that are making these racist chants, creating a better peaceful nation. If we had a more diverse student body, we can push back against institutions that allow racism to happen.

Diverse students should not teach their humanity to their white peers. Alana Massey writes in her article Transforming White People Is Not the Job of Minority Students exactly why transforming white people is not the job of minority students. Alana states, “Ethnic and racial minorities have every reason to believe that white peers will be hostile to the idea that they’re behaving in racist ways.” In this portion of the article she is explaining hoe white peers are lashing out against colored people with their actions words and other racist gestures. White peers at campuses need to be more excepting to all races and ethnic groups.

Diversity on our campuses is important to show how to interact with others in our work field. A study shown by Crosby Burns tells us how diversity in the work place is on the increase: “The proportion of people of color participating in the workforce will only increase as the United States becomes a more racially and ethnically diverse country. Census data tell us that by 2050 there will be no racial or ethnic majority in our country.” Burns here is telling us how there will be no racial majority anymore. This should tell us that we need to interact better with each racial group. If we are to have this experience at college we will be more prepared for diversity in our work place. Thus we need to improve diversity on our campuses like St. Norbert.

Diversity at St. Norbert College is beneficial for the students for various reasons. It helps students interact with racial and cultural backgrounds interact with one another. Academics, prejudices and workforce experience are why we need to have a more diverse college to prepare us for our future. St. Norbert needs to take the steps necessary to become more diverse.

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