Drew Checolinski

Diversity is everywhere and important for colleges to have. Even though St. Norbert College is catholic, it is still important and should be a goal for any catholic college. The nation is changing and colleges need reflect this changing and adapt. Also, diversity does not hurt students. Diversity helps students, it can expand students’ minds, enhance social development, and help student’s future and career success. Many can argue, much like Wolfgang Grassl a professor of Business Administration who use to work at St. Norbert, and say that diversity is not a catholic value, and we should not “search” for diversity, and it is not important. Some citizens do not understand the importance of the issue, making it a challenging subject. Wolfgang Grassl’s opinion is extremely farfetched and not many people listen to him, but others may have their own opinions on the subject. St. Norbert has a group that supports diversity named the STAR program, and helps support people that are diverse. With all that being said, diversity is an important part of college, and St. Norbert needs to keep working on it.

Our nation is changing, and the U.S. is becoming more diverse. More than half of the babies being born today, are children of color. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2009 about 28 percent of Americans older than 25 years of age had a four-year college degree. That same year only 17 percent of African Americans and 13 percent for Hispanics had a four-year degree. It is important that colleges continue to help develop more workers. If colleges continue to create diversity, there will be more students getting jobs, which will increase the economy.

Not only does diversity in college better the students, and worlds future, it also will better students’ lives currently while in school. A North Carolina study that Huff Post Politics writes about shows that a middle school with more diversity creates better test scores then other schools with less diversity. This is one school out of many, and is also middle school, but this can correlate to colleges. Having a more diverse school, can not only help students of color, but also help other students. Students can learn from a variety of different backgrounds. It expands student’s minds, and enhances social development.

Believe it or not, diversity in colleges help students get a job, and become better at their jobs. Working with different races of people will be needed in any job that one gets. Also, it will increase students’ knowledge base. Being a student, coming from a high school that was very diverse, and had many different races in the school, I have learned cultures, and I got to know different backgrounds. This helps me relate to different peoples in this world better when communicating and working with them.

St. Norbert College does an okay job bringing diversity to its campus and making a safe environment for all students. The STAR program is for students of different races, and they make events and participate in events all around campus. Not only are students of color allowed in this program, but any student can join. This program, and SNC does a great job of building a great community. This is important because it makes all students feel comfortable, and builds a safe environment, that helps students focus on important aspects of college such as classes. A good friend of mine, Hernan, is on my soccer team, and he told me that he has made many friends through STAR and it is a great way for students such as himself to feel part of the SNC community. Hernan told me that nay one can join, but I do not think they make the STAR program as important as it should be. They could send emails to everyone, about STAR, and also hold more events, so many different people can know the importance.

Overall, Diversity is an important aspect of college life. St. Norbert College does a great job of supporting diversity, and this makes the college a better place to learn. Diversity can help students for the future for understanding, and building relationships with many different people. It can also help academic success as well. Diversity is an important part of college.

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