D.J. Dickson

Diversity in a college community shows signs of having a positive effect on students. Diversity is being more and more common all over the world, not just in schools but in life. Society has come far with diversity and moving past segregation which is great. We have grown from slavery and segregation to diversity and mixed racial, religious or ethnic relationships. Without diversity, students would not get the chance to interact and get to know students of different ethnicities, religious beliefs and backgrounds, it helps expand social development and having the chance to interact with all kinds of students can help someone grow as a person and possibly change their perspective on race and religion and other things. We all come from different backgrounds and have experienced different situations, it is helpful to meet others who differ from you so you can change as a person for the better whether it be in handling situations or thoughts. Meeting new people can be a good experience for you to better yourself. Students have the chance to meet other students from different countries, social classes, who speak different languages and of different sexuality. Meeting other students like that can help better yourself because it is giving you knowledge and experience with new people who you haven’t experienced yet, and those students may become friends.

Having a diverse college can benefit the students by helping them meet others from different life situations.People around campus know me for my hair and always talk to me about it. It is a great conversation starter.  I am personally glad that I attend a diverse school because it gives me the chance to grow as a person and experience new things. If St. Norbert wasn’t a diverse school, I would have had to go to a crappy school that Is 5 minutes from my house and I didn’t want to do that.“The basic idea is that student learn a great deal from their interactions in and out of class, and that learning and living among students from various racial, ethnic, cultural, geographic, socioeconomic, linguistic and religious backgrounds, with a wide array of academic, extracurricular, and social interest, will benefit every every student or the college as a whole.” (Peterson’s Staff) Having the chance to meet students from around the world and hear about their lives and situations they’ve been in and outlooks on life and religion can change a person’s beliefs or help them to be more open minded. Without have diversity on a college campus, students may not have the closest to a real world living situation. In the real world, you are going to meet and interact with others from different countries and of different races. Maria Martinolich, a journalist from Boston university, wrote a great article explaining then benefits of a diverse college. It can make you a more social person, add to your college experience and it will help prepare you for life after college.

Having a diverse college campus will continue to draw the attention of students and might influence them to want to attend that school. Diversity will help give the school a better look in the public’s eye showing that they care about and will accept all students regardless of the student’s ethnicity, religious beliefs, background and so on. The public may want to send their kids there in the future. The alumni and boosters may think the school is in a better direction with becoming more diverse and help support the school financially. Diversity can help colleges in many ways and in those many ways, all will have a big impact on the school.

          Lastly, I think personally diversity has helped me get into a great college and make friends. But more importantly, diversity has helped me get into a great college even though my grades were not the best. Having a diverse campus has still given me the chance to meet others of different backgrounds and beliefs. I am happy that the school is diverse and I get the chance to get to meet different people. Going to a school with a diverse campus has bettered me as a person and really opened me thoughts and beliefs. I am more willing to first listen to what someone is saying or their view of their beliefs and really think about what they are saying and where they are coming from before I say my rebuttal and try to explain to them my thoughts and beliefs and why.

      Diversity on a college campus can really only have a positive effect on a college campus. Bringing diversity to college can help the school as a whole and the students in an individual manner. The students benefit in such a way that they will make great friends, maybe open up more and become more open minded and they will be more prepared for the real world. Diversity has grown throughout the years all around the world. We have accomplished a lot and come very far. Diversity, thought not everyone is for it, can help improve everyones life. College campuses should continue to become more and more diverse. 


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