By: Sierra Severin

Not every college is going to be perfect. There will always be things that people feel need to be changed to fit their needs. Although to me SNC doesn’t have any serious problems, I do think that they to work on diversity. One of SNC’s main goal is help you as a person, but you can’t help someone if they feel like an outsider. Diversity is one of the biggest problems on most campuses. Although we have programs here at SNC that help students included in the minority groups, we could still work on becoming more diverse. 90.9% of the students here at SNC are white, which shows you that we do not have a very diverse campus. This a problem because it shows that we are not doing enough to make our campus as diverse as we can. Although not every college is going to meet everyone needs, diversity is more of a must rather than a need.

Diversity isn’t just about race, but about all things that make us different from each other. Most people don’t think about diversity when it comes to picking a college because diversity isn’t something that we should have to think about. Worrying about whether or not you are going to diverse college makes you think about how accepting our country really is to people of different race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. Jeremy Hyman and Lynn Jacobs, writers for USNEWS, were right when they talked about the benefits of a diverse college: “A college campus is like opening the door to the entire world without traveling anywhere else.” When attending a diverse college you get to learn and experience so many knew things about cultures around the world.

When looking at the percentage of white people attending SNC, it makes me wonder how we consider ourselves a diverse school. Here at SNC, they strive by helping you development as a whole person, but how can you develop if you feel like an outsider? If you cannot feel at home somewhere because you can’t find anyone that you can relate too then you won’t be able to develop as a whole person. College is supposed to help you find yourself and become who you want to be as a person, but for the people who don’t fit in at college, it just becomes a place that makes you feels uncomfortable in your own skin.

Diversity isn’t something that is free, which is why most colleges lack in that area. Colleges are tuition based, so they really have to think about if diversity is worth the money. With diversity, it isn’t just about adding social groups for people to feel more comfortable at college, it is also about introducing students into different cultures. Trying to create new and exciting approaches at diversity to get students involved costs a lot of money. Dr. Brian Mitchell, a writer for Diverse Education, explains one the reasons why colleges might not be as diverse as they should be: “Diversity costs money. With discount rates approaching 50 percent nationally, net tuition revenue steady or in decline, and more than half of America’s colleges failing to meet their internal admission targets, the compelling counter argument is that there is no money available for major diversity initiatives.” Colleges need people to apply, and when you continue to raise the tuition price students cannot afford to go to that college. Tuition this year for me was 43 thousand dollars. Although they may not seem a lot for a private college, but I can barely afford it. If this school raised their tuition price to add in more ways to be diverse, no one is going to be able to afford.

St. Norbert College needs to come up with a way for college to be more diverse without it costing tons of money. Diversity should not have a price tag, but be something that every college needs. If SNC found a way to make college more diverse, without costing a ton of money, then it would help the transition for students who are trying to take the next step into becoming an independent adult. It’s scary enough to take the next step into adulthood by furthering your education that feeling like you don’t belong somewhere can steer people away from going to college.

Although we have different clubs and organizations for people of different race, cultures, or sexual orientation, this still isn’t enough for making our campus diverse. The main problem we have here at SNC is that only 9.1% of our students is of a different race. A campus cannot be diverse if there isn’t enough people of different races or cultures to help make it diverse. We are too populated by one race that it over powers all other races. One way to make SNC more diverse would be to accept more people of different cultures so our campus can have a wide variety cultures that everyone can learn from.

Another way to make SNC a more diverse campus would be to add more required programs/speakers to talk about different cultures. If the campus required students to either participate or watch something that showed a different culture, then more students would have a better understanding of all of the different cultures around the world. The reason most people stick to the culture that they are is because they don’t really know any other culture, and that can be quite scary. If we could make people more open to other races or cultures then there might not be as much racism on college campuses.

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