D.J. Dickson

There has been a big controversy going around about college athletics and if they are really worth it. Is it really worth all the time, energy and stress in your life to compete in a sport at a college level? Do college athletics have a positive or negative influence on students lives? I am only playing division 3 soccer but hell yes I think it is beyond worth it to get a chance to continue and play a sport that you love at a competitive level. A student is getting the chance to come to a school, become part of a family, play the sport they love and have a great time doing it. I view it as I would rather do it not and accept it rather than get old and wish I could play again. We as college students and teenagers are at a time where we are in a way, invincible, and should take advantage of our health and what we can do while we still have a chance to. I think college athletics really helped my experience at SNC. Being a college athlete gave me numerous advantages that other students don’t have. I got the chance to come to school before other students and learn the ropes of the campus. I was put on a team to play soccer with but I look at them as brothers, not just teammates. Lastly, college athletics gave me are a positive influence on me because they help me become a leader. Without college athletics, I wouldn’t be as comfortable around the school as I am, I wouldn’t have nearly as many friends and I would be as confident.

Playing a fall college sport gives you an advantage of getting to the campus early, moving in before everyone else and adjusting and getting settled in before everyone else. Without college athletics, I would not have the understanding of the campus that I do. I got the chance to learn the tricks and some of the secrets before other students from trial and error and from the upper classmen on the soccer team. I got the chance to spend the first 2 weeks of being on campus spending majority of my time with me new friends and teammates. We toured the school together, got our books together and if I had a problem I needed to take care of, I could bring one of them with me to help take care of the problem. Looking back at it, without soccer, I wouldn’t have made a lot of the friends I have right now and wouldn’t be able to count on them as much as I do. I found out where all my classes were by my third day on campus and I beat the rush to get my books for all my classes. I think the greatest part about getting here early was having the chance to take my time and move everything into my dorm room. All of the other students who were not athletes and did not get to move in early had to deal with the stressful time of moving in with everyone else. Without having that extra week and a half of time on campus because of soccer, I would not have been very confident knowing where any of my classes or buildings are.

I met more than half of my friends through college athletics. A lot of my friends are other student athletes from either the men’s or women’s soccer team. College athletics gave me a chance to meet new people and basically instantly have friends. In the beginning of the season, I really only talked to the other freshman but as school was approaching, I began forming friendships with some of the upper classmen and even some of the girls on the women’s soccer team. Some of the friends I have made from the soccer team I already look at as some of my best friends or even brothers. I can always find someone to hangout with or study with and they will push me to do the best on my homework and help me if need be. Without soccer, I wouldn’t have nearly as many friends as I do; I am not an outgoing enough person to make friends without something like soccer to help. I already have so many friends and made some good memories in these past two months from soccer. Being on the soccer team almost forced me to have 20+ friends. Being on the soccer team also gave me a better chance to talk to and become friends with some of the girls on the women’s soccer team. I think without college athletics; my college life would be very different. I wouldn’t be forced to talk to so many people and make so many friends right away. If I didn’t play soccer, I would probably have a few friends but still be very quiet in class and around campus and stay in my room more than I do now.

Lastly, college athletics helped me by making me become more of a leader. It helped me be more comfortable with myself and going out of my comfort zone to do things I normally wouldn’t do. I participate more in class and am more willing to start conversation with new people and make new friends. I am forced to talk and be a leader on the field so by habit, I am comfortable with being a leader off the field as well. It has helped me become more social and open to meeting new people which has also helped with me making new friends.

College athletics has a positive influence on my life and has really help with adjusting to college. Without college athletics, I wouldn’t have as much of an understanding of the campus as I do, id have fewer friends and be quieter and I would not be as much of a leader. College athletics has really helped me with branching out and making my start to college as good as possible. College athletics have really helped make my college experience a lot easier in my opinion.

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