Ruby Castillo

A higher education should not cost a lot of money in order to obtain a degree. In fact, Kurt Metzger says in an interview asking if college is really necessary: “Education is worth it but not if its 250,000 dollars”. Basically he is saying that college is a good thing to go to when it is offered at a reasonable cost. Good education should not have to cost a lot of money because an education is about learning so that one can get a good job. It should not cost a ridiculous amount of money to learn the same materials that others are at a different part of the world. There are other schools that are very reputable and offer education that is just as good as an expensive hot shot school that everyone has heard of. A higher education is not impossible to obtain. Even if a college is too expensive for some, online classes are still an option. They are reasonably priced and can help one obtain a degree.

St. Norbert College was one of the schools that I got accepted into. It was one of the few that actually offered me a scholarship to use for my education. Since I did not get accepted into any schools back home in California, I already knew that I was going to have to decide on an out-of-state school. I was accepted into my top two out-of-state schools but with very little scholarship money. The tuition for out-of-state students was outrageous, so I had to cross those schools off of my list. Little by little, more schools were crossed off my list. I was left with St. Norbert College and Rocky Mountain College. Both schools offered me great scholarships, which was very important to me. I wanted to go to a school that did not have a lot of tuition. In order to go to college, I took into consideration the cost of attending and picked the best option.

In a college, another thing I was looking for was the feeling of home. Having family close by would ease the homesickness since things would be familiar. For example, having home cooked meals and speaking Spanish. After talking to my parents about which school was my best choice, my dad reminded me that he had a brother who lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I did not know anything about the locations of the cities. So I did some research and learned that Green Bay was about 15 minute from De Pere. I saw that the cities and campus were relatively small. I thought I had wanted to go to a big school, but remembering my visit to UCSD (University of California San Diego) made me realize that I didn’t want that kind of an atmosphere. The campus was huge and had over 30,000 students, I felt kind of small there. The school did not give me a feeling of a community where help is easily accessible. College is hard enough, especially in the sciences. I wanted an environment where I could be gladly helped if I did not understand a particular concept.

At SNC, a liberal arts education will help me become a well-rounded person. My major is in biology with a concentration in the bio-medical sciences, that is if I don’t end up changing my mind. Technically, one could say that I am part of the science, technology, engineering, and math program (S.T.E.M.). In an article by Edward J. Ray, he believes that the liberal arts education is important for success in all areas of study: “There can be no doubt that they play an essential part in providing a foundation for learning in every professional field”. A liberal arts education gives us experience in working together through group work and discussions. It develops our social skills and critical thinking skills. Also, it allows us to have to take classes that do not go with our major. SNC is not only making me take science classes but also writing and philosophy this semester. I am becoming well-rounded because I will have knowledge in a bit of all the subjects. Everything I learn, can be applied to my major. Like a writing class will help with writing lab reports. A history class shows me the evolution of medical practices. My goal is to learn and retain any information that is taught in my classes so that I can apply it to pass the MCAT.

 My California history teacher told my high school freshman class that college is an investment. One pays in return for a higher paying job. People who go to college do not want to work at a minimum paying job their entire lives. They go to college to learn things they do not know. I believe picking employees is like picking a brand. Most people at the store pick the name brand because they are not sure if the store brand is just as good. Employers tend to do the exact same thing. They pick someone who has had high educational training compared to someone who hasn’t. Good paying jobs usually look for a college degree and a resume full of different experiences. Now a days, degrees that people earn at a higher education institution, especially at a liberal arts school, are able to get jobs in almost any field. Some things learned in college are able to be applied in the real world. Take a look at the CEO of Starbucks. He did not major in business but in communications. He was able to put his major to a different use in a field totally unknown to him.  Edward J. Ray, an advocate for the liberal arts education, states in his article:” Clearly, all successful careers require critical thinking, teamwork, sensitivity to cultural, demographic, economic and societal differences and political perspectives.” Liberal art schools offer this and more. These schools require one to take different courses other than their required courses. People are more qualified for work since they know a bit of everything and they learn quickly since it is what they had to do to get their degree. College is not a waste of money because it helps one prepare for a future job and to have a better way of living.


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