i How writing helped with my education | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

D.J. Dickson

Writing will be a value to my education because it helps to further my knowledge on English and understand my material better. It gives me confidence in what I am saying and helps give my opinion a voice. Without writing, I don’t think I would use proper grammar or understand the material I am reviewing or learning as well as I do with the help of writing. I have improved my writing skills with learning from my English and other writing classes while also getting to practice to much with all of the essays I type. The lessons have taught me how to really voice my opinion. They showed me how to draw a reader in and persuade them, how to get my point across and how to clearly define my
claim, follow it with evidence and then seal the deal with my reasoning behind it.

With the help of my professor, the feedback I received helped me understand my mistakes and improve them so I wouldn’t repeat the same mistake on the following blog post. In the final revision stage, my quoting could use improvement, making sure my claim is able to be understood and knowing when I can use a personal experience or story for evidence and when it can’t be used as evidence. I have changed my ways so these mistakes aren’t as major anymore but I think they could still be improved. I need to review the PowerPoints and feedback more thoroughly until I get a true understanding and can master the material so I don’t make the same mistake again.

I think I should be more comfortable in asking questions if I truly don’t understand what I did wrong or how to fix it instead of just trying to figure it out on my own. I will admit that I didn’t put my best effort to the class, but the writing seemed kind of easy to me. I was focused more on just getting a good passing grade and not really improving my writing skills. I just focused on passing this class and getting my assignment done so I could move on to the next class and finish those assignments so I could get a good grade. I should have focused and cared more on improving my writing skills and really applying a good effort to my work so I could understand what I did wrong and why. Once I could figure out how and why I made the mistakes I made, I could fix them and better my knowledge in writing and become a better student. I have been able to make my thesis statements more clear and noticeable to the reader. In the beginning of the year, I think that I had trouble getting my point across and showing the reader what the main idea of my paragraph or essay was really about. throughout the year, from the help of the slide shows, trial and error and professor Scheler, I understood what I was doing wrong when present my thesis statement and was able to make the necessary changes to make it better.

I think writing has helped me with finally putting a voice to my thoughts. I know what I want to say but I could ever find the words I needed to get my point across and have my listeners really get what I am trying to say. I could still improve, but writing has given me a sense of idea on what to say to voice my opinions and how to present them in such a way that it makes sense and my readers or listeners really understand what I am trying to say and get where it is that I am coming from. I am happy that I got the chance to take this course and work on improving my writing skills because it benefits me in many aspects. My grammar could still use some work but writing has helped give me confidence in what I am trying to say and it really gives me a voice.

Without writing, I wouldn’t say a lot that I do, I wouldn’t know how to say what I am trying to say and I wouldn’t have the confidence to say it. Writing will always have a big impact on my education and be one of my favorite things to do in school. With writing, you can say what you too nervous to say out loud, and really put your thoughts out there. I use my writing schools in and outside of school. I write my friends letters whenever I am having a crummy time and need to talk to them about it or vise versa. I use writing to tell others how I really feel or my opinion on things if necessary. We use writing daily in our every day lives and without it, I cant imagine a life like that. Writing is needed in life today.

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