Drew Checolinski

In my whole family, not a single member has received a college degree. The main reason I am in college is to get a college degree and a job when I graduate. I grew up in a small town named Hartford, located in Wisconsin. I went to St. Kilian for middle school. I would wake up every day excited to go to school. I had a lot of great friends, memorable field trips, and recess was always the best part of the day. Those moments were not the most important factors that made school so enjoyable. Looking back, the teachers in the school were always supportive, encouraging, and made me enjoy learning. While in high school, I started to think more and more about what I wanted to do with my life. I decided I wanted to teach. I am majoring in education. I hope to teach in a middle school grades 1-8 and as a side job, coach basketball and soccer. I still could not decide where I would end up attending school. Playing soccer my whole life, and becoming an all-state player my senior year, would help give me options. I had a few choices. Schools that include Platteville, Marion, and UW-Superior offered a starting position if I would attend their school, but I chose St. Norbert College. My goal in life was to go to college and get a degree, and I knew soccer would help me with this. I ended up choosing SNC because of its great academics, and education program. I visited many other colleges, but St. Norbert felt right. St Norbert is an expensive school even with some scholarships, so even though it felt right I had a big decision to make. 

The question is asked a lot. Is college worth the money? This question has an opinionated answer. There is no right or wrong answer. I could save my money, and start work right away. I work a full time job in the summer, so if decided to work instead of going to school I would start making money right away, but I would not enjoy what I am doing. The other option I had was to go to college and be in debt for a couple of years. So I asked the question to myself. Is college really worth my time? I came to the conclusion that if I worked hard enough it would be. If I am determined and do well in college, and get a nice job, that that I enjoy, college is worth the money. The whole point of college is to get a job that I will enjoy, and if I am paying to get a job, I better make it worth it.

I always wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I am attending St. Norbert College to major in education I could not attend a two year school, and become a teacher. I would get a job I enjoyed. I hope to attain knowledge about the skills on how to teach, and help students learn. Instead of going to a two year college and getting a job I would not enjoy, St. Norbert offers me an opportunity to get a job in which I would enjoy for the rest of my life. St. Norbert is a liberal arts education allows me to major in what I want but also lets me take wide range of academic subject. As Edward J Ray, The President of Oregon State University, says, “All successful careers require critical thinking, teamwork, sensitivity to cultural, demographic, economic and societal differences and political perspectives.”  I used this quote because I will become a better student by taking different courses that allow different problem solving. Fareed Zakaria also stated he liked liberal arts better. He talked about the many benefits, like how to speak your mind. The liberal arts college, also offers new opportunities to meet new people and build relationships which will be huge in my job.

A Brooklyn writer who studied the money made of high school students, Anya Kamenetz said, “The numbers just came out, 9500 dollars a year that’s what you’re going to earn if you have a high school degree or less.” First, that makes one think about is college worth the money. Second, I do not believe that number is correct. Finally, that might be the beginning salary but you are making more money than entering college and paying money. If you do not attend college, and work your way up in your job that you have, you can make more than what you original salary was. This would continue and you would work your way up for a higher salary. One would not have to worry about any college debt and would have a job. Who knows what one could do in the next year if they continued to work well? Both take hard work, but if I am going to pay, I might as well make it worth my money.

When I was growing up I wanted to be a teacher. Everything that has happened in my life, has led up to this point in my life. I could not be more happy and blessed. I will continue to work hard and have fun with my newly made friends. College is a very important time in one’s life. I feel it will be worth the money, because of the opportunity it gives me.









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