D.J. Dickson

I think we can all agree that college is expensive. What has really changed that much that gives them the right to increase how much we pay by thousands of dollars? We save like crazy and work multiple jobs just to help reduce the amount of debt we will end up in from taking out loans to pay our tuition. I really do believe that college is worth attending but not for tens of thousands of dollars a year. The only thing that made me a little uncertain about going to college was the price of tuition. The price of tuition cost so much at some schools, such as the St. Norbert, that it just made me feel uneasy about attending there. Larry Wilmore notes that the price of higher education has increased dramatically over the years: “I was shocked by that statistic, since 1978 the cost of college tuition has risen 1120%. That is staggering, and if you want to send your kid to a decent school, it is 30,000 probably 50,000.” If you want to go to a good school that will be beneficial towards your future, you’re paying a substantial amount of money just for them to attend the school.College has become very expensive and not always beneficial. Every year, more and more people enroll in college and are graduating college, making having a college degree more of a social norm. You have teachers who will sometimes call off of class for whatever reasons and now you can not attend a class you are paying thousands of dollars for. Certain colleges have huge classes where you are viewed as number instead of a student, and some teachers will not even meet with their students, but instead have their teaching assistant meet with the students who have questions or need help. We are paying thousands of dollars a year to sometimes not even be helped by the teacher in some classes. A lot of todays public and youth believe it is worth it to go to college but not at the price for tuition some of these colleges are charging students.


Attending college has many, many benefits, but also has a few disadvantages. One of the only things I think that colleges could work with you more on is preparing you for certain aspects of getting a job, such as interview skills and what your strengths are and how to use them to your advantage. Colleges charge you tens of thousands of dollars and require you to take general education courses but do not really offer any courses to help you with people skills and job interviews. I am not sure if there should be an entire course on that job situations but colleges could offer a course to help on real life situations such as paying taxes and job interviewing skills and such. I think that is a course that may not be beneficiary towards your major but will help prepare you for the real world and living on your own.


Deciding that I wanted to attend college, I think I made a good choice in choosing to attend St. Norbert. I came to St. Norbert’s college to play soccer. The main reason why I really was attending college was so I could have the chance to play soccer at a colligate level. I never even heard of this school before the soccer coach emailed me. I began to look into the school and became interested right away. The more I found out about the school, the more I knew I wanted to go here. I would always get asked where I was planning on going to college, as does every senior in high school.  When I’d say I think I am going to SNC, people would perk up and start talking about how beautiful the campus is, how great the staff is, the school’s alumni base and overall how much fun I am going to have if I attend SNC. They told me that it is a very prestigious small liberal arts college. I knew that it was a liberal arts college but wasn’t really sure how that was very beneficiary towards me. I thought that a liberal arts college would be similar to other colleges and in the end I would be generally getting a similar education to most other colleges. I saw on a CNN blog that Fareed Zakaria explains that the skills developed from a liberal arts college is a very big benefit of a liberal arts college: “The final strength of a liberal education is that it teaches you how to learn – to read in a variety of subjects, find data, analyze information.” He goes on to explain how industries and technology are rapidly hanging and having these skills will help improve your performance.  I was told numerous great things about the school and everything that came with it such at how beautiful the campus is, how great the education program is, the students and faculty are all very nice and the alumni are very supportive. Hearing all of those positive things from numerous people really helped make choosing St. Norbert College as the college I want to attend a lot easier. I couldn’t find one person who had anything bad to say about the school. I came to visit the school and loved the campus. It only took one visit for me to decide I wanted to attend SNC in the fall. As soon as I got my acceptance letter, I committed here for soccer right away. I was so excited to finally commit to a school where I would have the chance to play soccer, but also excited because I would get to experience all of the great things people continuously told me about the school. I like the fact that I’m not too far away from home so if I get homesick I can visit, a lot of my friends go to schools nearby so I can always go visit them, I get to play on a great soccer team.


I personally think that I made the right choice in choosing which college I should attend. Yes I chose and expensive college where the tuition is questionably high, but I think in the long run, its worth it. I get the chanceto make new friendships and memories, learn and get the chance to try new things and will get a degree out of it which will give you an advantage over others when its comes to applying for a job. Growing up, parents, teachers, and really any adult, will tell kids that it is important to attend college and get a degree. Some people can argue that not every successful person got a degree or even attended college, and not every successful person did, but a lot of successful people attended college and got their degree. Even if I can’t get a job with your degree, I am forming friendships and bonds with people who may become business owners or managers that can help you with employment in the future. I talked to the soccer coach and he told me about the alumni base at SNC and how I can get a great internship or job the summer after graduation. He listed off all of these past soccer players that could help me with employment after I graduate. I am very excited to see how these next 4 years turn out and my future looks as a whole.


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