i Online vs. Non-online Schooling | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Andrew Luebke

Education today has changed over the last few years. Schools are slowly starting to switch more and more too online classes. By having students go to online schools it’s pulling more and more students away from in-schools. I have always went to a traditional, in-class schooling. Ever since I was a child I have always went to a public/non online school. I have always believed that normal schooling is more beneficial than online schooling in various ways. Normal schooling students will be more focused and not get distracted, interesting classes due to actual teachers, learn social skills that online students will not have, and be able to think more critically.

If kids went to normal, in-class they won’t be as distracted as an online student. Kids have to go to class with certain due dates on their assignments. Then teachers will help/tell students what to do to make sure they don’t get distracted. Online students will/can look over the class whenever they want and with a computer in front of them it is easy to get very distracted. In class we had participated in an online class for one day and every student in the class responded to how they felt about it. One student in our class, Megan F., responded towards the online class negatively saying that, “I personally did not like the online course, I think it was too hard to focus”. Megan was telling everyone that online classes are hard to stay focused and not get distracted.

By going to a non-online school students will be able to engage in a more hands on method of learning. Teacher can make the class fun and exciting for students to make the students want to learn. As where an online student doesn’t get that type of learning. Online students won’t be able to learn hands on. Online students at times won’t be as focused as non-online students because there are no teachers to keep them engaged. When I was in high school there were plenty of day were i didn’t want to go to class or wanted to learn the subject in the class. When I would arrive to class my teacher was ready to go and had activities to engage each student in the topic we learning.

Students who attend school will learn better social skills than students who attend online school. It has been shown statistically proven that students who go to school are more statistically social with other students, workers and other people of importance. Students will also be able to ask questions face to face with teachers or discuss the content with other students, getting a better answer and a better understanding for the subject.Another student in my College Writing class is Nevena P. She responded to our online class, discussion and said that there is no interaction in online classes: “Traditional college learning includes human interaction and live discussion, and those are all missing during the online course.” Socializing with the teacher will create a bond that online students cannot have. The only way online students can interact with a teacher or other students is through email or other only chat systems.

Finally schools should switch to normal school instead of online classes because students can think more critically. Ruby C. in our class of College Writing had responded to an online class that we took in class earlier this week. Ruby said, “A great thing was that if your answer was wrong, it explained why right away.” Students who go to online school can get answers wrong and be told the right answer right away. If a student who went to normal schooling got an answer wrong they would be asked to research and think how and why they got an answer incorrect. By just giving students the answers in online school it would make them depend on the teacher or someone else to always give them the answers in life. Where students who have to think of a solution will be more prepared for real life situations.

Students who attend normal schooling have a lot more advantages than student who attend online students who attend normal schooling will be more focused and not get distracted, stay on task and pay attention, learn social skills that online students will not have, and be able to think more critically. This is why students should go to normal non-online classes.


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