Caleb Lefeber


During my first semester of college I have overall became a much better writer than I was previously before I enrolled at Saint Norbert College, I can thank the class, College Writing taught by Professor Scheler, for developing me into the more experienced writer I am now. The small process assignments and the blog posts slowly but surely inclining my knowledge of writing in all aspects and helping me into a better writer. I have learned many knew writing tools and tips that I can use in future papers. Even though I feel like I have developed into a better writer, I still have much more to learn to become even more skilled at writing. That’s a long way away.

Before taking college writing I didn’t know much about writing at all, I didn’t learn much in high school and when we did have papers we had to write or type, I just quickly wrote together a paper easily with no plan. I did this knowing that I’d get a good grade no matter how little I knew about writing. College writing helped me learn so much valuable information about the writing process and overall a lot of necessary implements I can use in writing. It taught me how to use premises, counter-arguments, hyperlinks, etc. College writing helped me consider writing to be like a simple tool that allowed me to express my ideas, knowledge, and opinions on a certain topic. This class has also taught me how to read and analyze arguments, accurately summarize and report others` ideas, acknowledge, debate and respond to different points of views, state and defend a claim, select valid pieces of evidence to help support my ideas, and most importantly, to create a clear and fluent piece of writing in which is easy to read and clearly understand.

The first half of having this class, mainly taught us the basic materials of writing, the materials that you need in every piece of writing. For each section we were taught we had to do small process assignments in which helped us learn the new tools we learned in class, these were very helpful because it helped me learn the new topics fully and better prepared me for the bigger papers. These bigger papers being called “blog posts”. We had a total a four blog posts, one for each section we learned. These helped us put what we learned over the section into one of the blog posts and make it fluently all fit together and work as one. These blog posts evaluated our learning ability as we slowly move throughout the whole semester and to see how well we learned the topic and how we were developing as writers. Though the class started out easy, it gradually got a lot tougher as the semester moved on. We started learning new and more complex topics and how to insert into our pieces of writing.

When writing you have to learn how to deal with critics, people who argue against your point of view. You have to learn how to counter there arguments and acknowledge them. When problems arise and you are forced to deal with them, the easiest way to solve it is to first acknowledge that there is a problem. After you have acknowledged the problem, you have to take that problem and consider the problem and develop a response to the solution using valid pieces of evidence. This way readers more easily trust you as a writer and they will more easily trust what you are writing about. It shows them that you know what you are talking about and it will allow them to acknowledge your claim without much concerns. This was key for me to learn because it applies in so many fields. It allows me to become better at arguing and defending my claim. To me this was the most important thing in which I learned while taking this class.

All in all this class was very helpful towards my writing and even outside of the classroom. I appreciate professor Scheler for taking his time to teach our class and develop me into a better writer. I hope I keep learning new aspects of writing so I can even become a greater writer to help me out in my long future.

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