Selena Cashman

I believe that I have grown as a writer by taking this course at St. Norbert College. During high school I did not take the time to improve my writing skills for college and I definitely think this course has been beneficial for my writing experience. Writing also was never one of my strong subjects and I always have wanted to improve my writing abilities to prepare me for college. The course has also prepared me for the rest of my years at St. Norbert’s and for my future career. The most important qualities that this writing course has brought to me were, the use of quotations, developing a strong argument, and the importance of how this course will help me in the future.

I believe in my second blog post assignment I displayed a great form of using quotations the correct way because I described what the quote pertained to before I actually sited it in my paper and I also gave credit to the author of the quote by using a hyperlink. Those activities will be developed by taking classes on a campus vs. online classes Solomon wrote: “collaborate in order to be successful, and by putting students in front of a screen all day instead of working in tandem with their peers”. That quote format was in my final blog post but before I learned how to use quotes effectively I did not have an introductory sentence explaining what my quote was going to be on and I also did not use punctuation going into the quote. I definitely believe this course has offered me the right tools to help me in my other classes that will benefit my writing skills.

Developing a strong argument can be a difficult task because I needed to keep the reader engaged, so they would stay interested and keep reading on during the rest of the paper. This is an example of my first blog post where I do not think is an effective argument because it tells the reader what the clam of my paper is but, it does not grab the reader and make them wanting to read more. “College tuition has peaked over the past decade, and I think it’s driving students away. However, society continues to put pressure on high school graduates to attend a two or four-year college” This is a better example of what I think was my strongest augment which I developed in blog post 3, I wrote: “The effect collegiate sports have on academics can be a huge controversy because so much time is spent practicing and contributing to a sport which can take time away from academics. Collegiate athletes can have a difficult time balancing academics and sports, but the benefits are definitely rewarding because sports can teach time management skills, help students stay active and healthy, sports also can teach teamwork and sportsmanship.” I believe from my first blog post to my third shows how much I have grown as a writer to making my agreement more effective and wanting the reader to stay engaged in my writing. I believe that was an effective example of an argument because it kept the reader wanting to know more about the topic of how the effect of collegiate sports have on academics and how it can be a controversy because of the amount of time spend on student athletics.

Lastly, I believe this course has prepared me for my future because it has helped me improve my writing technique. There are multiple styles of writing that have influenced me from this course. I will further my knowledge from this course because it will help me in my future courses that I will be taking at St. Norbert College. This course has not only been effective for improving my writing technique but it has also influenced me in other courses like philosophy and biology. Those classes both have different styles of writing which was interesting to see that in biology I had to write factual and formal lab reports, but for philosophy the essays were opinion based and had multiple answers.

Overall writing can only be a positive skill going forward in college because I need to have good writing skills for almost every course I have to take in college to be a successful student. I have learned multiple skills while taking this writing course at St. Norbert college and it has taught me how to use quotations effectively, developing a strong agreement, and how the course will be beneficial for me in the future. I’m definitely glad I took this course because I was not a strong writer in high school so, this class helped me a lot to improve my writing technique. Moving forward in college I will use all the writing skills I learned from this course which will help me be successful in the future.

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