Andrew Luebke

By taking the course, College Writing, I have gained many skills that will help me with my final classes this fall, next spring semester and the rest of my time at St. Norbert College. Even when I’m taking a test I find myself using these skills to improve my grades. These skills that I learned are point first point last, narrowing my points, finding creditable sources to use.

After taking this class I know how to use a point first and point last paragraph.  Before I would just write down anything and everything that came to my mind and had organized it later.  Whenever I would get my point across it would be poorly written.  In my first two blog post Dr. Scheler would tell me I had good ideas but told me in my feedback that they were coming across unclear. As we learned how to properly preform point first point last paragraphs it really helped me get my point across clearly for each paragraph. If we had not learned this basic step in writing I would not be able to write clear and concise papers for all of my classes now and for the future.

Narrowing my points is another skill that I learned in my college writing class. In previous papers I would have many sentences with various points to each paragraph with one sentence clashing against another. As we learned through the school year we were taught to create one clear and concise point for each of our paragraphs and go into great detail describing them. Dr. Scheler had showed not only me but everyone in class the importance of a clear point for each sentence. One day he showed us in class 3 paragraphs. One paragraph had a well thought out point while the other paragraph was very scrambled and all over the place.

The final thing I earned was finding creditable sources. Normally in my past papers I would find a website or source that semi support my claim and just roll with that article. There were even times were my article didn’t support my claim and I would just make it agree with my claim. Dr. Scheler showed me the importance of a proper evidential article. Without good evidence my papers would be lacking all support and it would have no legitimacy to my paper. I would have no proof that may claims are true in my paper and people that are reading my paper would believe that I made everything up. Without proper evidence my papers would be very poorly written and my writing skills would suffer dramatically.

Through this course College Writing the skills that I have developed help me grow and learn as a student. My skills will help me perform better now and help me in the real world. I am thankful that I learned how to create first point last, how to narrowing my points, how to finding creditable sources to use.

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