Solomon Brown


Writing, like anything else, takes time to improve on and master. It is impossible for somebody to be able to pick up a pen and a pencil and begin writing and this is very evident throughout the first few of my first draft posts. However throughout college writing I learned how to use a point first or last paragraph, better sentence structure. From blog post one to four I have improved immensely and I know that writing will help me tremendously throughout my life.

My teachers have always told me that my writing was very eloquent at the sentence level and all I needed was to format my paragraphs better. Although at first I wasn’t sure if the class was going to be the right choice for me, I quickly realized that it would benefit me to learn about how to format a paragraph the correct way. We started with point first and point last paragraphs which helped me to organize my thoughts. In my first blog post I found myself starting paragraphs with one idea and then ending up with a completely different one and this was probably very difficult for a reader trying to follow my post.

The next most important thing I think that I learned in the class was that one could use sources for more things than to evidence a point that you make. The biggest example of this is when you use an acknowledgment and response, which is something that in all honesty I could use work improving on. I think that once I get the hang of using this as a method it is going to improve my writing immensely. When I used this method in my third blog post about college athletics it really strengthened the argument that I was trying to make by saying yes I understand your complaint but here is what I found that goes against what you’re saying. It helps give your paper a sense of authenticity to the reader so they are more likely to accept you’re argument as a truth.

I think that the biggest thing that I still need to work on is being able to put all of these aspects together into one solid paper. I know that I can do all of them because I did during all of the process assignments that we completed. I think that once I’m able to put everything together into one solid paper my writing will truly be something that will help me immensely in life. As we talked about earlier in the year everyone goes to college for a reason and that reason is usually to succeed and I think that this class has brought me closer to my goal of success. Persuasive writing, and writing in general is going to be something that is very important to me if I wish to continue in the direction of a career in law, and the skills I learned in college writing will get me closer to that.

Writing is a very important skill that everyone needs in order to be a successful individual in society. I spent time this semester trying to fine-tune my writing skills by completing process assignments as well as writing my four blog posts. It isn’t an easy task nor do I expect it to be, writing, like anything else, takes time to improve on and master.

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