Shiela Mae E. Holder

Having a college writing course makes a huge difference in my education. In the first day of class in all of my subjects, I was nervous with the idea that, I would not be able to pass all my subjects because writing is my greatest concern. I know that the only way to improve my writing is to take the college writing class for my first semester because I know that a college writing class would help me to write properly. And I would use all I have learned to my other subjects and later in my life. The writing course has helped me a lot because my teacher really gives each of his students feedback and that is very useful for students. Furthermore, I will explain what I have learned in every blog post in the college writing course.

In blog post one, I learned how to be confident expressing ideas in writing. My teacher helped me to develop my writing skills by giving exercises, for example, assignments, give feedback on my own work, and adapt some of their feedback to my work. In these exercises I learned how to structure a paragraph, and I became confident by giving feedback to my co-students and adapting the recommendation they are offering to improve my work. In every assignment, I needed to provide one paragraph and this one paragraph for the first time is very helpful for me, especially because I do not have any experience in writing. After giving a couple of assignments, my teacher asked the students to provide three pages for the first blog post. That is the first challenge that I needed to face for my writing. After doing it, I cannot believe that I did it. I learned how to summarize my essay. The first essay helped me clarify my language and use quotations. Also, it helped me organize my essay so the reader would clearly understand what I am trying to say. In first blog post I learned not only how to find sources, hyperlink and organize but also it helped me learn the difference between technical college and a liberal arts college. I am so glad that by using the liberal arts as my topic, it made me realize that where I am right now makes a big difference in my education.

In blog post two, I learned a lot because I needed to find a topic that I can use for my essay. I learned to use testimony as my reasons. In blog post two I like the idea that I can always use any topic given by our teacher. In this essay I used international education and languages as my point, because as an international student I wanted to show to myself and other people who are planning to study abroad that trusting oneself is so important. That is why I used myself as a testimony for this essay. Also, I included language as part of international education. I know that my biggest challenge is communicating to other people. It is not easy to communicate with other people using their language but I know that I need to try my best so I can communicate with them. In this essay I learned not only to find testimony and reasons but also I learned that learning different languages and study abroad are very effective ways to broaden my education.

In blog post three, I learned how to acknowledge and respond after I provided my reasons and evidence. I learned that even if one person disagrees with other points, I need to acknowledge the opposite point of view and respond respectfully. In this blog I learned a lot because I know that I should listen to other points and consider those points. In this essay, even though I disagree with those other points, I always included those as part of my essay because considering other points is relevant for an argumentative essay. Also, I learned how to develop the evidence by hyperlinking the sources and citing it, so the reader could look at the source and read it. The argument I used is about lowering the drinking age. I know that different people are different and have different ideas about what is good or bad for individuals. In this essay, I learned to argue my position and stick to it. Also, in this argumentative essay I considered different points by acknowledging and response. In blog post three, I learned to defend my position by finding a lot of sources that I can use as evidence.

In blog post four, I learned a lot by putting together all the things I have learned in all the blog posts in the class. In fact, I found this blog post very interesting on my part because compared to the other blog posts, this is different. In the fourth blog post I needed to develop a problem in my introduction and explain possible solutions. This paper is a logical paper because I needed to lay out properly the following: claim, problem, solutions, backgrounds, research, acknowledge and response, give my reasons and support them with evidence. But in this essay I needed to provide the problem and offer what kind of possible solutions are available to fix the problems in my written work. In this last paper I learned how to write properly, find sources, use hyperlinks, write an argumentative paper and how to offer the problem and give solutions. Right now, after looking at all the blog posts and feedback, I know that I still need to work on my grammar and my organization in writing, but I know that this can be fixed, especially since I will be in college for four years.

A college writing course is very useful for students, especially for international students, because international students are struggling with writing and do not know how to start a paper. As an international student, I have a lot of difficulties in writing before but there has been a big improvement because I used the feedback of my professor to improve my drafts before I submitted them. I always take into account all of the feedback of my professor to improve my revised essay and I always make sure that I follow all he said. That’s why by considering his feedback my writing and grades have become much better. Also, the feedback of my classmates helped me to realize some of the mistakes I made in my essay. I always considered their recommendations to improve my essay. All of the assignments, both in class and out of class, were very helpful, but I really loved the in class assignments because I had a chance to communicate with my classmates and with my teacher. My teacher in college writing always did his best so his students would learn in his class. I will use what I have learned in college writing in my other subjects and also I will use this later on when I have a job.

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