By: Sierra Severin

I did not choose to go to college just to further my education, but for something that means even more to me. I chose to go to college for my mother. I wanted to show my mother that she raised me to be successful in the future. I want my mother to feel like she raised a daughter that she can be proud of. Not everyone in my family got a chance to go to college, which is why my mother really pushed me to go. My mother could not afford to go to college when she was eighteen because you could not receive most grants and scholarships or financial aid that you can get today. I am grateful that my family was able to help me get into college, and be there for me every step of the way. My mother was always worried that we never got a proper education, and this way I can show her that I am making sure I get a proper education to get a great job and have a great future.

Even though college does cost a lot of money, I was not too worried about it. I knew that money was important to me, but I also knew that I wanted to go to college. I chose to go to college so I could further my education. I want to be able to have an education that helps me obtain a solid career. I chose St. Norbert College because they have an outstanding success rate for graduates getting a job after college. St. Norbert College also has so many different majors that it helps me, someone who is still undecided, find the right major that fits with what I am most passionate about.

When looking at colleges I decided that a liberal arts college would be the best for me. I chose to attend SNC because they are an excellent liberal arts college. I have always wanted to go to a four-year college because it will give me a grounding for any career. Edward ray talks about liberal arts schools and how they impact our education: “There can be no doubt that they play an essential part in providing a foundation for learning in every professional field.” I chose SNC because I knew that I would get an education that would help me get a job. I want to be able to change my career and not have to worry about having to go back to school. I chose a liberal arts college because I knew that I would be learning about more than just one job, but different jobs that are all connected together. If I had chosen to go to two-year College I would not have as many job options. If I went to a two-year technical college I would only learn about the certain job I am going for, which will only help me in that one job. When you go to a liberal arts college you are taught the education that will help you get any job in the field you are thinking about. If you go for education you could teach any grade, but if you went a technical school you could only go for one grade (ex. elementary education).

While in class researching about liberal arts schools, the professor asked us to watch a short video. The video was a clip from Larry Wilmore’s show Roundtable. He and three other people were discussing if getting a college degree was worth it or not. As the Panel was discussing, they brought up the topic of how much you make if you only have a high school diploma. Anya Kamenetz was one of the people on the panel. Anya Kamenetz is the lead education blogger at NPR. When discussing the amount of money you make without a college degree, Anya brought up a valid fact: “The numbers just came out, nine thousand five hundred dollars a year, that’s what you’re going to earn if you have a high school degree or less.” Although this is true for most people with only a high school diploma, I know quite a few people who only have a high school diploma that are making around twelve thousand dollars a year. For example, my sister only has a high school diploma and she makes a little under twelve thousand dollars a year working as a manager. She did not need a college degree to become a manager. All she needed to move up in positions was experience. I think that is what most jobs are looking for. If they know you can do the job, college degree or not, they are going to hire you for the job. Even if you have a college degree you are not guaranteed a job after college. I think that if you want to get a job that pays even more than twelve thousand dollars a year, that you should defiantly go to college. Most people with a higher education will get the job before someone who does not.

Now that I have been in college for a few weeks, I have come to realize all the life experiences that I will learn here. When I was living with my mother, I could rely on her but, while living on campus I have to figure it all out for myself. I have to do my own laundry, I have to make sure I get my homework done on time, and I have to make sure I have something to eat. I am getting to know what it feels like to live in a community with all my peers. I can learn so much about life by living on campus, and experiencing all the things that are happening around me. Not only do I have to do things for myself, but I also get freedom. I get to know what it feels like to not have to worry about a curfew or ask my mother if I can go somewhere.

Not only do I get the freedom I want, but I also get to study something that is interesting to me. Having a college level education and a degree will help me get a job that pays more than the minimum wage. When I finish school and start my future job, I will start to realize that it becomes easy to pay off my students loans. I will probably start putting away money into an account that helps pay off my loans. College may cost a lot of money, but when I am doing something I love, I will realize that it was all worth it.

I do not want to have to worry about money in my future, and going to college and getting a degree will help me not have to worry about it. Most people who have gone on to college get higher paying jobs, even in careers that do not pertain to their field. Education is very valuable these days. Most countries can barely read let alone go to college. Going to St. Norbert College has always been a privilege to me, never a right.

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