Bridget Leen

Going into college is a scary thought for any freshman. The idea of starting over, making new friends, the separation from your family, is terrifying. But if a student is involved in a sport, it is less scary. Right away the athlete already has a new family. The team becomes close friends, and they look out for one another. An athlete learns time management skills. They have to know how to manage their time wisely other wise they will fall behind in class or sleep. Lastly, student athletes have to make the right decisions; they have a lot of responsibilities on their hands. On sports teams, the teammates hold each other accountable, so if one persons messes up, the whole team can suffer. Being on a sports team is about trust. An athlete has to make the right choices to have trust from their teammates.

In college, students have a lot of free time if they are not involved in something such as a sport, club, or job. It is easy to put off homework and leave it to the last minute, but when a student is involved with extracurricular actives they make time for their school work. In my college writing class, in process assignment 20 the class was asked to talk about their thoughts on college sports. One of my classmate Selena said how she thought that college sports were a positive thing because it helps student athletes with their time management skills: “College athletics are also a positive thing because it may take up a lot of time so it can help student athletes manage time while. It seems to be helpful for me when I’m really busy because I know I have to get all my homework done before I can do anything else. Over all I believe college athletics are positive for a student athlete and students showing school spirt at sporting events”. She is an athlete, and she appreciates what she gets out of her sport. This shows that being involved with a sport can benefit the student in the long run. College athletes have a to have good time management skills.

Before college starts, everyone gets somewhat nervous about making new friends. There are many different ways to make friends in college. By getting a job, being involved with clubs, people in the dorm, and by being on a sports team are different ways to make friends in college. When playing a sport, the team basically becomes a second family. The team does a lot together; they are pretty much on the same schedule. Rebecka, a student in my class, expresses how she felt when her hockey team reached out to her even before she started school; “I am a part of the women hockey team here at SNC. I did not know anyone when I committed to SNC. This summer the girls on the team added me on Facebook and wrote to me introducing themselves and told me a little about what I could expect when coming to the school. This helped me get my first friends here, I already had 25 good friends from my team and they have been a great support for me with classes and practice and everything”. This is showing how friendships get started. The bond between teammates is something special. It is hard to break that bond. Just by being on a sport, the team looks out for one another. So being on a sports team helps you make friends right away.

Student athletes have a lot of responsibility. Some speculators might think that sports are bad for college students because they miss class some times, but this shows how the athletes are responsible. The athletes have to go to class when they can so they don’t fail their classes and they have to contact their teacher to find out what they missed. This is one of the ways that responsibility is shown by student athletes. If someone has been an athlete for a while and are serious about the sport they play they will try to do everything in their power not to mess up, this shows reasonability. My classmate Zach has been an athlete since he could walk. He talks about how sports is the center of his life even when he was little; “My life has always revolved around sports. Since I was a very little kid, I played as many sports as I could, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, etc. It was all fun and games at first until I got to the age where schoolwork was thrown into the mix. This made the process of being a student athlete more difficult. I still excelled in school and sports but there was something that I did realize, all my free time was gone. I am not trying to downgrade any student that isn’t involved in extra-curricular activities, but it is a lot harder to balance that schedules that we have”. He talks about how he had responsibility from a young age. He had to make choices about things, even if the choices were not a big deal. When someone has to make a choice, no matter how big or how small, it shows responsibility.

If a student athlete is caught consuming alcohol or other substances, they can be kicked off the team. As an athlete, you hold your team accountable. If one athlete messes up with alcohol, drugs, or grades, the whole team can suffer. Especially if that athlete is a star player. Depending on where the student goes to school, their scholarships can be taken away also. This is a big deal in college. There are always parties going on in college, and some times it is hard to say no to going out and partying. If or when an athlete gets caught with alcohol or drugs, that could be the end of their college career in sports. They could also be kicked out of the school. Even with grades, if the athlete cannot keep their grades up they can be suspended from the team. So when one player messes up on the team, the whole team is messed up. The plays are not the same if one player is gone.

Altogether college athletes are a positive outlook on college students. The athletes learn how to manage their time properly. Right away, the student athletes have friends. The team becomes a second family. College athletes learn responsibility. Lastly they are held accountable. They have to make sure they make up what they missed in class, and they also have to make the right decision when it comes to the social life. They really cannot mess up, or the whole team will suffer. It is a lot of responsibility for a student athlete.

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