Andrew Luebke

As the days moved on I had to prepare myself for your next journey in life. The decision of higher education. Some people struggle with the same decision. That decision would be to go to college or not. The influence of going to college changes from student to student. People ask will college pay off, what kind of college is right for me and is that college affordable. These possibilities are why some students go to college and why some students don’t.

Students should not be scared away from college just because it is very expensive. There is such a higher demand for college now and that is why so many people are going now.Larry Wilmore is the host of The Nightly Show. During the round table discussion Larry Wilmore and his guest talk about higher education: “I was shocked by that statistic, since 1978 the cost of college tuition has risen 1120%.” statistics like this will scare away a student from attending college. For that reason I agree with the point Larry Wilmore is trying to make. He thinks students will try and live a successful life without college. Students will see people like Mark Zuckerburg and think I can be successful without college too. I believe if students think this way our future is in great danger. Education can only move us forward as a nation. Without a college education it will be hard to find a well-paying job.

Some might say college isn’t worth it but in the long run, it WILL pay off. The price of college can cost me a tremendous amount of money.  Dale J. Stephens is an entrepreneur leading a movement called UnCollege: “College is expensive. The College Board Policy Center found that the cost of public university tuition is about 3.6 times higher today than it was 30 years ago”. I believe Dale J Stephens nailed it on the head, college is getting more expensive and is scaring students away. If I don’t go to college what kind of job will I have? With just a high school diploma I would most likely be flipping burgers at the local fast food restaurant. With a better paying job you can pay off your student loans (after a long time of course) and live an easier life.

For me going to college was something I have always wanted to do and everyone in my family has done. Everyone in my family has gone to college, but none of them went to St. Norbert College. While I was a junior in high school St. Norbert College caught my eye because of its great education program. I had many teachers at my high school that graduated from St. Norbert and told me it was a great place to be. Another reason was the atmosphere all throughout the college, not just on campus but off campus too. When I visited St. Norbert for the first time my family and I noticed there is always something to do.

My passion for football lead me to believe that I want to play football in college. Football was also another factor why I came to St. Norbert. The program, coaches, and players are some of the best in division 3. This was also another reason why i even looked at St. Norbert. I knew about the school but until i was contacted by coaches i didn’t really look much more into the school. While I attend St. Norbert I still plan to achieve my goals of getting a degree, meeting new people, and enjoying my time at SNC.

Graduating from a liberal arts college will allow me to have a better education due to it being a liberal arts school. A liberal arts school makes you write more and work on your literature. A liberal arts college will also look better than a 2 year degree because it makes you think more critically. Fareed Zakaria is a leader for Liberal Art college. He defends the purpose of Liberal arts: “Whether you’re a novelist, a businessman, a marketing consultant or a historian, writing forces you to make choices and it brings clarity and order to your ideas.” Zakaria statement fits into what I’m saying. Liberal Arts schools makes a student work on his reading, writing and critical thinking skills more than what a STEM school would. As I attend SNC I will make sure I’m ready and prepared for my field of study. Having this education will get me ready for the real world.

As you can see college can be a very stressful time. Students have to make the choice of going to a college. Most students will think is college right for me, will it pay off, what kind of college is right for me and is that college affordable. As you can see going through this thought process college is right for me. I hope it will help you make your decision.


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