i The Effect of College Sports On Student Athletes | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Selena Cashman

The effect collegiate sports have on academics can be a huge controversy because so much time is spent practicing and contributing to a sport which can take time away from academics. Collegiate athletes can have a difficult time balancing academics and sports, but the benefits are definitely rewarding because sports can teach time management skills, help students stay active and healthy, sports also can teach teamwork and sportsmanship. Growing up and being active as a little kid was always fun to play different sports and get to be on a team. A lot of little kids dream of being able to play a sport at the collegiate level.

College athletics has a positive influence on student athletes because it teaches them to have time management skills. They need to balance school, athletics, and a social life. Some people can argue that student athletes just focus on sports and not on academics, which would cause them to not have time management skills and not be able to balance school and sports. My friend, Kelly Kent, plays soccer for University of Green Bay and she said, “I definitely had to develop time management skills because we are gone almost every weekend for games, which can be tough to get school work done. We have study groups that are mandatory to make sure all of our homework is done before we travel.” Kelly thinks that having the study groups has helped a lot by making sure her homework is done before she does anything else because her academics are important to her. Richard Sherman had the same issue of balancing school and classes: “If a regular student could have an athlete’s schedule for a semester just to see how crazy their schedules are they would understand how hard it is to balance school and sports.” Time management skills are an important quality to have when it comes to balancing athletics and school.

My second argument to why college sports are a positive influence on college athletes is that sports are a great way to stay active and healthy. Kelly also said, “I get to stay in shape and be healthy.” Transitioning to college is a huge milestone in a student’s life and it can be stressful to stay active and healthy. During high school there are a lot of students who play one or more sports. So, once they move into a college environment collegiate athletes dwindle down a lot and all the non athletes have a harder time staying active and healthy. Being able to play a sport in college is beneficial for a student’s health.

My last argument supporting college sports is that athletes develop sportsmanship and teamwork skills that will influence their future. People may argue that students could develop these qualities else where like: joining clubs and being involved in friend groups. Students can find teamwork and sportsmanship through friends and clubs, but its is different being involved with a team. Alex, who plays for St. Norbert’s men’s soccer team said, “I like being part of a team, because we are one big family.” I believe this is true because being part of a team is an amazing feeling, and I also know that each of my teammates has my back on and off the field. Sportsmanship and teamwork will influence students in the future because, when they get jobs, it is most likely they will be apart of a team and need to know how to communicate with coworkers. Ivkovic insists, that college athletes will be more successful for the future: “Our student-athletes graduate from college on time, at a higher rate than students in general, and they go on to apply the values they have learned as participants in college sports to successful professional careers and in their personal lives.” That quote from Ivkovic shows the impact college athletics have on students and how being a college athlete can positively impact a student’s future.

Overall I believe that collegiate sports are a positive influence on student athletes because it helps them create time management skills, keeps students healthy and staying active during college, and sports also develop teamwork strategies. All these arguments prove a clear picture why I believe that college sports have a positive effect on student athletes. Referring back to Ivokvic’s quote about collegiate athletics and how athletics can help students be successful for the future, I believe that is a powerful quote because it is true all the benefits a student can receive from being a collegiate athlete.


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