i The Ideas between Online Schooling and the Classroom | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Megan Fabel

In life, you grow up with your parents over your shoulder, guiding and directing you to make the decisions that will be best for you. They hover; but as you get older you learn the responsibilities of having freedom to make your own choices and you learn to make mistakes and learn from them without so much guidance from your parents. When it comes to education and the right to having creative freedom I believe in the favor of traditional, and in-person learning, but I also have no problem with bringing online methods into the classroom setting when they serve the purpose to make a point. I think online teaching can work for many; it was just not a method that worked for me. Also, having a teacher to display the “helicopter” effect really does work in some instances, but doesn’t need to be in affect all the time. Lastly, introducing the idea of giving the students room to fail and learn from their failures is a great tool when discussing what a modern classroom setting should look like in the future.

I think that online schooling can be a basic tool for learning for many individuals; unfortunately I disagree because I had a bad experience with it, but that doesn’t mean online schooling won’t excel in the future. The only reason I didn’t personally enjoy the online course was because I thought it was super hard to focus and I didn’t like how I couldn’t get the full “classroom experience” that includes a teacher being present so I could have guidance and could ask questions if needed. But as an overall result for online classes, I believe that online education will become the future of schooling because it allows students to work at their own pace and allows students the freedom they are entitled to. Caleb, one of my classmates also states that: “Since it’s an online course you can do the work whenever you want to, or whenever you have free time. Everything is displayed in front of your face on a computer screen, and will always be there if you need to look back on anything. It allows you to learn at your own pace, in class teachers can talk really fast so it’s too tough to take notes and you miss a bunch of information”. Like Caleb, I believe that online schooling will become a more advanced option for incoming students when being introduced to college life.

I think throughout my years in school, all teachers had some time of “hovering” they did to keep an eye on their students. Hovering over their students is what many people refer to as the “helicopter” effect. It is said to be a great way to learn for many, just like online learning is, but hovering over students I think, can cause more harm than good. Solomon, a classmate of mine, refers back to a bad experience he had with a “helicopter” teacher: “…I basically lost a semester worth of knowledge because my teacher didn’t allow me and my classmates to come to our own conclusions on subjects that were beneath us even. There is a point where a teacher goes from being helpful to hurtful with the amount they regulate the class and she definitely crossed that border in my class”. Many teachers don’t give the freedom for us to learn and grow without them looking over our shoulder. We need to learn from our own mistakes; giving us better experience for when we do come to college.

My idea of a more modernized classroom setting involves having the freedom to learn from the mistakes the students make using their creativity and from the environment around them. Learning from ones mistakes is the best way to learn and grow as an individual. We should be provided with the opportunity to fail and to learn from our failures, because students like me, don’t want to be rushed into college without the opportunity to fail once or twice or else college will be so much harder than intended when we have to learn when the stakes are much higher in college.

High school should have more freedom, based off of the curriculums they provide. Allowing one to pursue their education and providing an environment for students to learn as best as they can. Erik Martin states on Source that: “Education should prepare and encourage all teachers to do what good teachers already do best: know their students as individuals so they can provide feedback that helps them progress”. Giving students’ freedom at a younger age allows them to really focus and buckle down in high school and allows them to fail a couple times then, so they possibly won’t in college when the stakes of success are much higher.

Having a parent always looking over your shoulder was one of the many things students had to worry about when it came to making sure you were doing the best that you could, especially when it came to getting a good education. Getting more responsibility is what every teenager wants from their parents. We want to make our own choices and we want to make mistakes so we can learn from them. When it comes to education and the right to having creative freedom I believe in the favor of traditional, and in-person learning, but I also have no problem with bringing online methods into the classroom setting when they serve the purpose to make a point. Caleb made some great points I agree with that online courses are a great way to learn at your own pace, giving someone the freedom to learn and be creative. I also agree with Solomon about how having a teacher “hovering” over someone all the time can be helpful and hurtful when it comes to their education. Lastly, having to learn from your mistakes at an earlier age (high school) creates opportunity to learn from them and move on; giving you a better chance of success in the future when the stakes are so high.



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