i The Importance of Diversity on College Campuses | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Selena Cashman

Diversity is one of the most important characteristics for college students to be a part of.  According to Jeremy S. Hyman diversity is important not just in college but all around the world: “A college campus is like opening the door to the entire world without traveling anywhere else”. The benefits of St. Norbert College being a Catholic liberal arts school are ways the community displays diversity, the effects of diversity on other campuses and, the ways St. Norbert College shows racial values.

St. Norbert College has developed something called communio which represents a diverse community and the importance of different racial backgrounds but, diversity is more than the color of your skin. Diversity is about religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and cultural aspects. SNC strives to enforce students to experience diversity while they are here at college. The importance of having a diverse campus explain by Jeremy S. Hyman:“Interacting with people from a variety of groups widens your social circle by expanding the pool of people with whom you can associate and develop relationships.” Having the opportunity to interact with students from different parts of the country to even other countries is an incredible experience. If colleges do not stress diverse campuses, they would lose out on different cultures and cultural beliefs. St. Norbert also encourages students to study abroad which is, beneficial for students because it teaches them about a new cultures and religions.

St. Norbert College does a good job with making our campus diverse racially, religiously, and, sexual orientation but according to Wolfgang Grassl, St. Norbert College is a hypocritical school because “The frantic quest for diversity is a deeply anti-Catholic impulse. It finds no support in Catholic moral and social teachings.” St. Norbert College tries to enforce diversity among their campus but the college is basically hypocrites because they are a Catholic liberal arts college and the bible says Catholicism does not acknowledge diversity. Which is interesting because on one hand it is 2015 and SNC pushes the idea of diversity while silently sticking to their roots of being a Catholic institution.

University of Missouri had experienced racial tension which then lead to the terminating the president of the college. A racial out break that happened this year at University of Missouri where their President Tim Wolfe did not deal with racial discrimination well:” he mishandled racist incidents on campus” Students of university of Missouri took action by standing up for their beliefs of racial discrimination. His disrespectful actions lead some students to start a hunger strike and players on the football team went on a playing strike until Wolfe decided to resign. Multiple students joined together and protested against racial rights, which then resulted in Wolfe resigning. Its empowering seeing what a university of students can do to make their point about what they believe in.

St. Norbert’s racial values are important to the college because they help define what type of college they are. Its important to have an openly accepting college because it makes the students feel welcome to their new home for the next four years. St. Norbert does a good job with accepting racial values because they offer clubs like, the Cassandra Voss Center which can educate students about gender inequity. There is also an organization called Multicultural student services which helps educate students about diversity. Lastly, another club called STAR that individually works with multicultural students to make sure they have the best experience here at SNC.

Even though St. Norbert College is a catholic liberal arts college and are a welcoming catholic college in the form of race and religion. St. Norbert College offers these programs for all the students but I believe these programs do not reach out to students as much as they could to improve the clubs and get more recognition. Also SNC likes to accommodate to each and every student to make the school more diverse. I believe St. Norbert needs to decide if they want to stick to theirs roots of Catholicism or to broaden their horizons and continue to match the progressive ideals of today’s society.

Even though St. Norbert College is a catholic liberal arts college they are a very welcoming catholic college in the form of race and religion. SNC wants to accept all the students willing to make a difference at their college its important to them that each and every student gets the best college experience and education. Even though St. Norbert College is an accommodating school for race and religion I believe they are not a diverse college because of the statistics advertised on St. Norbert website they are a good example of why SNC is not a diverse college because they only show how many racial differences on campus, they do not account for different religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and cultural backgrounds.

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