i The Value of Liberal Arts Education | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

Shiela Mae Holder

A four year college degree will help students achieve success in their future. St. Norbert College has good academic programs that will help students in their lives after they graduate. A liberal arts college is good choice because liberal arts education will have a huge impact for their careers and also will help students to learned tons of ideas that they can use in their lives more generally. I chose St. Norbert because I really want to know not only a particular field or subject but also to get a broad education that covers many fields. The school where I came from before in the Philippines doesn’t have strong liberal arts programs because they really focus on the work you will get after you graduate. I grew up and studied in the Philippines. I went to a technical college for one semester and I experienced the difference between a liberal arts education and a technical college. What I experienced in the technical school was that a technical school is a really good school if you are interested in a particular subject like engineering, but if you’re not, then the school doesn’t have many choices for someone who wants to have a general education.

When I came to the US and I saw St. Norbert College, I had a strong feeling that this college will help me meet all of my goals. The liberal arts are very useful because before you graduate you’ll learn how history, psychology, sociology, art and literature are important in the real world. Attending college is a worthwhile way to spend my time, money and effort because it can help me to expand my knowledge. And I know that a liberal arts education will help me to speak what’s on my mind.

A liberal arts education is not only good for finding a job but also wherever a person goes in life he/she can use what that person has learned from so many different subjects. The reasons for this are: it can help us understand the world we live in, it offers us practical knowledge in our life, and enhances one’s thinking skills.

As Edward Ray said “No one knows what the jobs of the future will be, but a liberal arts degree provides a great foundation for adjusting to new careers and further education.” I agree with his statement. I don’t know what my future job will be, but having a liberal arts degree is very helpful and valuable because there are so many companies looking for people who are broadly educated. I know that a liberal arts college will be a good school for me because it will help me to be a successful person. I may feel frustrated sometimes in a situation when I have many assignments and readings. I know that challenges will always be there. But I will always do my best to meet these challenges. If I want professional success, I will need to be focused and disciplined to take full advantage of a liberal arts education.

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore had a roundtable discussion where they talked about whether a college education is worth the investment. This is a very important conversation because it makes the students realize that college is not wasting their time and money. A college education leads to a salary that is many times the cost of tuition. But on the other side, Kurt Metzger may be right when he said that: “college education is worth it but not at the ridiculous cost of $250,000.” If college tuition is really now that high then the salary earned by college graduates may not be keeping up with college tuition.  It’s true that students want to have a college degree because they know that this is useful for getting a highly paid job in the future, but these students end up with very large debts after college.

Money is important for a student to attend a college but isn’t really the most important thing in a person’s life. Some people might think that life is not worth living without money but that isn’t true, because one can still do many things even if a person doesn’t have much money.

Money problems make it difficult to attend college. Many people have financial problems this makes it important to choose a school that the student can afford. Parents really want their children to have the best education that they can afford. It is possible to go to college when you have dedication to finish college, money can’t really stop you to fulfill your dreams.

As what Edward Ray said in his article, “More important by far, is what our colleges do beyond the starting line to build a rewarding life, create a fulfilling career and serve their communities” I agree with this statement, because college has a huge benefit for communities. A person can socialize with other people by helping his/her community and contributing to fill the needs of others. Having a liberal arts college degree will be a huge factor in our community because a person who has this degree has a lot of knowledge for creating things that others without this education can’t do. A person who has a liberal arts degree will help our communities by inventing beauty products, clothes, painting, art, computers, and cars. These inventions will help us to have a better economy in our country. Such inventions will also help our community by making our lives easier.

A person who has a liberal arts degree can help other people from different cultures because of their stronger understanding of other cultures. Global understanding is improved by a liberal arts education. In summary, a liberal arts college will help us develop an ability to write clearly, to be a better student, and to understand the world.

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