Megan Fabel

Finding a college like St. Norbert made it easy to imagine what a great future I could have with it being a school induced with the liberal arts. I had done a lot of research in finding a college that had the best program for my degree and St. Norbert was one of the few that had it. Liberal arts were also a big deciding factor because I wanted to have a well-rounded education that STEM colleges don’t offer. STEM colleges base their learning on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I wanted to have a more broad education because I think learning things such as music and theology should also be in the curriculum. St. Norbert had all of those things making it a super easy decision when accepting to SNC.

St. Norbert was my number one college of choice because it offers such a strong liberal arts curriculum. It struck me from the very beginning. I loved it here and I loved that it had my major which basically made it a “no brainer”. So I guess why am I here? I chose this college because I knew there would be a ton of opportunities for me to extend my learning and to broaden my horizons in the field I intend on pursuing. Not only was going to college in my plans but I knew that a liberal arts degree would also help me in the future, making St. Norbert the perfect fit.

College was always in my future plans and my future plans being that I would graduate from high school, go to a college that would help me pursue my career and making a living off of it. I plan to have SNC help me achieve these goals because of such a good liberal arts curriculum like I’ve mentioned before.  I never expected to go to a private Catholic college (neither did my parents), but looking back on my other options I think this is the right school for me. I love the people and the atmosphere so I think it makes my college experience even more enjoyable. I’m here to accomplish many goals including finding my right path and major, extend my learning in other areas, study hard, meet new people, and enjoy the ride that I’ve been put on. Hopefully the things that I find at SNC prepare me for my future and will provide me with the happiest life I can have.

What makes a successful and happy life? Individuals would say that, “Nothing in life will come for free”. Getting a well-rounded education is one step to having a successful and happy life. I would have to agree that getting an education can further your success in the real world only because I’ve seen it happen first hand. My parents have always had me growing up to become the best individual that I can be. They have provided me with everything that I would need to further my education in this world and I know with every opportunity I’ve gotten, it hasn’t come cheap. Going to a liberal arts school will only make my future brighter, even if it does come with a price. I absolutely am certain that it will only help me in the future. When having a great education in this age, the job opportunities are endless. But the individuals that don’t have a degree fall short to the ones who do when trying to get a job. Going to a liberal arts school is just one of the many tools a person can use and a great stepping stone introducing one into the real working world; I completely agree with this statement, in fact, I honestly couldn’t have said it better when Edward J. Ray (who is the president of Oregon State University) states in his article that, “No one knows what the jobs of the future will be, but a liberal arts degree provides a great foundation for adjusting to new careers and further education”. He also states that, “Nearly three-fourths would recommend this kind of education to a young person they know as the best way to success in today’s global economy”. Again, he couldn’t have said it any better. On that note, “Nothing in life comes for free”, and having to pay for an education is just one of the “things” in life that with a little patience, can pay off. Especially with all the money we have to pay to get a liberal arts education, I sure hope it pays off and I can exceed my expectations that this school has to offer.

I expect nothing less than an extraordinary education when being applied to a liberal arts curriculum when I am finished here at SNC. St. Norbert will equip me with the tools I need to advance my education and help me make a difference in this world. I hope SNC shows me how to be as advanced as I can be in my field and I hope that going to a liberal arts school enables me to advance in areas where others don’t. I know that being at a liberal arts school has its challenges, but I hope that with the help of my professors, I can get the tools and education that prepares me for my future. Fareed Zakaria (the author of Why Liberal Arts Matters) states in his article that: “…when I got to America for college, I quickly saw the immense power of a liberal education”. Coming to a liberal arts school, will only help and prepare me for my bright future, but also will teach me great amounts about myself and can give me power to become the best individual I can be. On that note, why has there been so much speculation from outsiders that college is a waste of money? I feel like going to a liberal arts school is expensive yes, but we get the tools we need to go above and beyond our competitors and usually get the job over someone that only graduated with a degree from a technical school, but that is just my opinion.

College is a wise choice when thinking about your future. Going to the right kind of college that suits you, makes thinking about your future alone, even easier. I think a liberal arts school ensures one’s ability to create a stable and reliable future for everyone who attends one. On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart (the host) exclaims and opens with the first question to Zakaria and asks, “Why do you need to defend the liberal arts education? ….It’s having a very great decade”. And he wonders why it is better to study at a liberal arts school than a technical college. Fareed believes that when someone intend to have a job for 50+ years, one should have a very well rounded education because they want our schooling to help us achieve those years of work and to make us a better “working” individual. College is a very smart tool to have when someone is looking for that right job for them. Technical colleges just give the basic tools for education. A liberal arts school gives a better education and gives the students who attend better opportunities to get the aspiring job over the students who attend a technical school.  Fareed is very set on the thought that going to a liberal arts school is the better choice for teens coming into the “real world”.

I came to St. Norbert’s for several things. To get a liberal arts degree, excel in every possible thing I intend to do, further my education and to make a future for myself and for what’s to come, and I think coming to a liberal arts school is just one thing that really gives assurance on my future. Yes there is much speculation about the cost and if the education is really worth it, and in my opinion it is but I guess that all depends on when I graduate if I can get a degree in the field I majored and how easily my future grows. But for now, I think coming to a liberal arts school was one of my best decisions to prepare me for my future.

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