Solomon Brown

The step between being under the rule of your family and finally being in control of your own is a huge one. College for many is seen as a necessary step in order to properly function in the world, but for many students here, such as myself, it is so much more. I chose St. Norbert as my home because of the very apparent feeling of home. While walking around campus you are greeted with smiling faces and as many hellos as can count. It really does embrace the true meaning of a community. Here individuals aren’t just other students, or another stranger’s face who lives down the hall in a vast sea of tens of thousands of people. Here you can be you and everyone around you embraces that and tries to encourage you to be the best you that you can be and this is very important. They’re aren’t many places in the world that you can honestly say you’re encouraged to be yourself or to find yourself, oftentimes we are pushed into being something that society tells us to be. This is why I love to call this new place home. I’m a part of something that can go deeper than community even; I’ve become a new addition to the family that is St. Norbert College. I truly can’t think of anywhere better that I would rather spend the next four years of my life.

In addition to the family atmosphere, there are the academics that are second to none. Education is the first thing I took into account when picking a school. Right off of the bat I knew that I needed to go to a smaller school so that I couldn’t get away with skipping classes all of the time. I already knew I needed a smaller community experience. I made my list of all the schools I was considering, and I sent away my applications. Of all the schools I applied to and visited, I decided that this was the place for me to get the best education I could. From abundant opportunities to perform service, great professors to teach you the subjects you choose to major in and many peers here trying to be just as successful as you. I knew right away when I got on campus that this was the place I could become the most successful student at.

This is just the beginning for me and what I’m spending here is going to be pocket change compared to graduate school, but that’s ok because I know in the end it will all be worth it. If I have to worry about money now to make sure that my family won’t have to in the future then I know that I’m making the right decision and I’m completely ok with it. I really and truly hope that people of our generation don’t follow in dale’s footsteps because I don’t want to grow up with a group of people who aren’t well educated, I want the world to be a better place for my kids and my kids kids and we aren’t going to be able to accomplish that if people think they can just skate through life with ought working hard. As I’ve grown up I’ve heard a lot of the phrase you can’t buy happiness and to a certain extent that’s true. However to me the thought of being sad in my Porsche is a lot more appealing than being sad on the bus on my way to a dead end job where I’m not valued.

Of course you can use the excuse, like dale Stephens that there are many people in the world that didn’t go to college, or are college dropouts who are living the good life while we spend the next four years toiling away trying to graduate with mounds of debt. But that’s basically like saying, I’m not going to practice football but I still expect to get a call on draft day. They are unrealistic expectations and the vast majority of us can’t do that. That’s why I believe that school is important. I don’t want to come in second place and that is why I’m making such a huge investment in myself.

Throughout life you meet many people of many people of different ethnicities, social status’, upbringings, etc. One thing that can link these people together is education. It is always very apparent to me who got a well-rounded education and who didn’t. While there’s nothing wrong with going to technical college, its almost like there’s something missing. There’s a reason people pay a premium for a liberal arts education. William Cronon a well-known environmental historian sais, “Liberal education in particular is about nurturing human freedom- helping young people discover and hone their talents”. Not only do I want to gain entry to top law school, I also want to be the most articulate and well-educated individual that I can be by the time my four years here are finished.

Larry Wilmore says, “College may not be for all”. This is very true. For a lot of people, especially those who don’t graduate, college is not worth the tremendous investment. However those who put the time in to get a good education, and can then apply it to their career stand a much better chance of having a better and higher paying career. Fareed Zakaria also adds that you are more equipped for a vaster array of jobs that you could have when you get a liberal arts education because of the fact that you take more classes to make you a very well rounded student. So go to a liberal arts school. All it could do is help you.

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