Eric Bagg

Choosing St. Norbert among the other schools I applied to was a struggle. I didn’t know what to choose. All the other schools like Marquette and U of I seemed nice but there was something about St. Norbert’s that really pulled me in. I play golf so that was also a deciding factor during the process so it was tough to think where I have a best fit. The thing about St. Norbert’s is that it’s a big community. In a sense it’s like high school because you get to know basically everyone. But when I first visited here, I just got this feeling like I should be a part of this family. I felt like it would be a second home for me. Yeah it’s also close to my home town and they have really good academics but there was something about that was screaming in my head, “YOU NEED TO GO HERE!” I loved everything about the school. Something that really pulled me in was the attitude of the people. When I was here for a visit, the students and faculty treated me with respect and kindness. With respect to the other schools, none of them compared to St. Norbert. 

College is worth the money if you’re up for the challenge. In Edward J. Ray’s article, he says that, “all successful careers require critical thinking, teamwork, sensitivity to cultural, demographic, economic, and societal differences and political perspectives.” College can either be the best thing that happens to you or the worst. Most are willing to tackle challenge but for the few that aren’t, it might be a waste of time and money. It takes a certain determination to really overcome the obstacle. There are many hours of studying and homework over the week that really take up a lot of your time. That’s just a fraction of what college really is. It’s a lot of fun and games in the beginning but if you don’t take it seriously then you’re basically throwing your money away. Students who have the ability to manage their time will be the ones who succeed. It really takes a great deal of time and effort. I know some people who went in here as a high school approach, and just from a few weeks of observing them, they aren’t going to succeed. They skip class, don’t do their homework, and even when they do go to class, they aren’t listening. They’re wasting their parents money, and above all, wasting their time. So just remember, if you’re deciding to a liberal arts school, or even just a regular college, take the time to think if you can really buckle down and get motivated to do the work that college offers. St. Norbert is a very prestigious school and it’s not worth being taken for granted.  

The education I will get from SNC will prepare me for a career as an elementary teacher. It will also provide me will tools to use in the real world to help and assist others. In the beginning of Edward Ray’s article he says, “As newly minted college graduates take their first steps into the “real world,” an opportunity to reflect on the nature of higher education presents itself.” I have the opportunity to go into real schools and get hands on training with children. If I had chosen to go to a 2 year university, I wouldn’t have gotten this type of training. There are a ton of advantages that liberal arts schools have over technical schools, and this is just one of them. I want to have a bright future and I just don’t think I could’ve gotten it at a 2 year school. It’s not all about the education too. A lot of college is building connections with others and looking at points in a different perspective. I believe that if I went to a technical college, I wouldn’t experience that. I mean yeah I’ll be acquainted with a lot of new people, but that’s just people I go to class with. I really wouldn’t see them on the weekend or anywhere else, just school.   

A liberal arts education gives knowledge that can stick with you for the rest of your life. Fareed Zakaria poses a good argument in his interview on the Daily Show as he says, “you’re gonna be working for 50 or 60 years, you want to make your college experience broad, general, and learn the skills that are gonna help you for your whole life.”  Most people who go into a bigger major sit a textbook and obsess to understand the problem. It’s fine if you have a passion for it but if you’re doing it for the money then it’s really not worth it. Eric Liu from CNN, analyzes how a liberal arts college is worth the money and he says, “liberal arts major, during their peak earning years, make more money than people who studied in pre-professional fields.” This comes to show that you don’t need to pay all this money for a professional degree when you can just earn it online for a fraction of the cost. A lot of what a job requires are skills. We develop skills throughout our whole life. Skills fundamentally help us function in our daily lives. Some skills we develop a talent for and then can develop a profession for it. I know that’s the case for me. I am a very skill oriented person. I’m not the smartest person academically but I build off my skills because I know those will benefit me greatly in the future. In today’s society, that’s the case. People are really starting to develop new skills and use them to their benefit. College in a sense, helps grow their skills into a profession. The point I’m getting at is that, If you have a specific skill that you’re really good at, use it to your advantage and build upon it. A liberal arts education can help enhance you towards perfecting that skill and build a bright future for you.

In conclusion, college can provide a plethora of different resources for you to construct your career. A lot of your time, energy, and money needs to be put in in order for you to achieve it but in the end it is well worth the money. Enjoy the experience of it but don’t enjoy it too much. It’s not something to take for granted.

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