Caleb Lefeber

Is college worth it? There are many people around the world that will say college is not worth it. They say college is a waste of money and time, that any person can get a good job and sustain their future without going to college. One of these critics who agrees that college is not worth it, is Dale Stephens. Dale disagrees with the concept of college, he believes you don’t need college by saying: “College is a waste of time”.  Another person who thinks college is a waste of time is Anya Kamenetz. Anya believes college is a scam to get money from innocent people: “there are a lot of people for whom it’s (college) absolutely a rip off…” All these critics claim college is a waste of time, or it’s a rip off. Then there’s some people who don’t think getting a degree from a college is worth it in anyway. They say that you can life a good life, and get a good job without a college degree. They make it seem that you can just graduate high school, start working and make hundreds of thousands of dollars and make way with your future. Too bad that that doesn’t really even happen in movies. But very few people and don’t need college to live a good life in their future, they can get good jobs without going to college, though college could get them better jobs. Yes college is expensive, and yes some people don’t need college. But most of us do need college. College is not a waste of time, college helps us set a pathway that we can follow to help us succeed in our future careers.

There are so many advantages of college. I don’t see how people could not go to college. College will help me be prepared and well educated in my field of study and it will even help educate me in other fields. I will feel like I have achieved something very important in my life,  that I will be completing and taking a major step further in my, hopefully, long life. Fareed Zakaria believes going to a liberal arts school is one of the best decisions you can make: “These are liberal education’s strengths and they will help you as you move through your working life.”  This perfectly fits into what I am saying, that going college is the best way to strengthen your knowledge/ wisdom and is the best way to prepare for your future. College all in all will be one of the best times of my life, and will help me succeed in my future. I will be the first person in my family to graduate from a liberal arts college, and I feel proud of that, I will have that sense of achievement and pride. My parents and relatives will be proud of me. I want to get a good job with my education and provide help to my parents as they did for me my whole life. I want to be able to provide a good life for my future kids and wife, make sure they live a good life so they can go to a liberal arts college as well. That’s what I want from my education.

Throughout my high school career I have talked to many people that have went to college. I talked to my counselors, my older friends, cousins, relatives… Every single one of the people that I talked to about college absolutely loved it. They loved the campus, the staff, he parties, the sports and pretty much everything about it. All of them said being/ going to college was probably the best time of their lives. There are people that didn’t attend to any college said they wished they would’ve went to one, they wish they could’ve had the whole college experience. They wish that they would’ve gotten a degree so they could find better jobs to help provide for their families. This made me realize how important college is, seeing what everyone had to say about college, hearing all good things about it and how it will help me shine in the future. Education is the gateway to the rest of my life, all I have to do is take hold of this wonderful opportunity and do something with it.

Another reason people should go to college is just because of the overall experience. Such as the sports programs the college has. I am a huge sports fan, playing or watching it doesn’t matter. I wanted to go to a college with a good sports, so it made my choice that much easier choosing a school to enroll at. Even though I am not playing any sports throughout college, I still enjoy to be a fan and watch the teams play. I will be taking part in some of the intramural sports programs here at college, such as intramural basketball. Even though it’s not actual basketball it still can become really competitive, and it’s just an overall blast. People should also go to college because of the campus. I toured this wonderful place twice in my life, and both times I loved it. The campus is nice and small, it’s just overall a beautiful campus. No matter the campus size, each campus has something different and special that the people that attend there love. The people here all seemed pretty nice while they greet you as you walk past them. College is a great way to meet new people, to make new friends. I was always told that when you are older, the friends you met in college are the friends that you will talk to the rest of your life. And the food, who can turn down unlimited food? I don’t know anyone that can, plus there is so much variety in the food. There is so many reasons why people should go to college.

Some people have great opportunities for college right in front of them. Some people get academic scholarships and some get sports scholarships which helps pay for a lot of the college tuition. I have something else that I am very grateful for. I have my Dad. My Dad gets me a lot of money off of tuition from working on Lawrence University Campus, he gets me something called tuition exchange, which gets me bunch of money off of going to this school. I thank my Dad so much for this because if he didn’t work on the campus I wouldn’t be here right now. I also have financial aid so it’s pretty cheap for me to go here, and I can’t explain how grateful I am, honestly I don’t know what I’d be doing right now without this amazing opportunity.  This definitely made the decision to come here a lot easier. I’m glad I did.

Obviously there will always be “haters” about college that will make the argument that college is too expensive, that you can just work straight out of high school and live a perfectly fine life. But this only can work for very few people. Some people are just born into better lives than others. The majority of people need to go to college to develop their future, and there present lives. For the majority of people, no college would mean no future, or at least no well-set future. So again college may be a waste for some people, but it is a necessity for most. Again I believe that college is not a waste of time, college is an expensive tool which gets the job done and helps build your future.

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