Cecillia Clausen

I always knew I wanted to go to college after high school, I just had no idea where to go. I knew I wanted to be an education major so that was the next step. What would be the best school for me to help with my degree? I started touring schools to see if I liked a big school or a small school. After just one tour, I was hooked, not just because of the campus and how beautiful it was, but also because of the food.  I loved how close all of my classes were to each other and who wouldn’t want to come to a school where you can study by the water, have smaller class sizes so you are not sitting in some huge lecture hall, and for me, be close to home? I also really liked how SNC is a liberal arts school, meaning that the teaching here is different. The teachers try to push you to see things in different ways which helps the students to learn more and understand more. The first time I set foot on campus, I knew this was the right school for me.

When looking at colleges, I did not pay attention to the money aspect of it, and I probably should have. Some people may decide to attend college and not finish .Anya Kamentez is an educational blogger who talks about why college is important; Anya Kamenetz says that “59% of people actually finish a four year degree.” For me, I never even considered dropping out of college as an option. I believe that college is a good learning tool and experience for everyone to have. Even though college is very expensive to attend, I still think everyone should consider at least going to a technical school after they graduate high school. By now you would think more people would have learned that college is worth the time, the money, and the energy. So many adults who have families and real jobs end up having to go back to school to further their education. Wouldn’t you think that the kids coming straight out of high school would jump on the opportunity to go to either a four year college or a technical institute. It’s better to go to college while we are young so that we don’t miss out on all the life-experiences adulthood holds. There are adults in their 30’s and 40’s who are trying to get degrees for their job and missing out on their lives they should be living as adults. Now, most of us still live with our parents and our parents provide most of our needs. If you wait to go to college when you are providing for yourself and working, it just will not work. Now is the time to go, when we can graduate and work to pay it off. I am paying for college all by myself and I strongly believe college is worth the time, the energy, and the money. I knew that four years, the degree will be worth it. College for me is a new adventure.

College is expensive and therefore it is not worth paying for something you are not going to stick with. If you are going to college just to go to college, then maybe try a technical school. I do believe in furthering your education, but if you know college is not for you then do not go to a four-year institution and pay insurmountable sums for something you can’t finish and have no desire to really be doing. I would recommend going to a technical school and get a degree because that way, less money is spent while still receiving a worth-while education. I do agree with Dale Stephens  when he states, “We must encourage young people to consider paths outside college.” I think it is a very good learning tool for someone to just start off in the real world, learning how to live on their own and be aware of their future. However, Dale Stephens should not discourage college as a waste of time, there are a multitude of jobs that require a college degree. It would be very beneficial to have a college education when going to find jobs. In contrast, there are some very successful people in the world who never went to college, but it is very rare that this kind of success can come from uneducated workers. Stephen’s point is to encourage students to not attend college because he doesn’t think that it is worth it, but I think that his article is just a good tool to see that there are options other than college, because college isn’t the right route for everyone.

 I believe some type of education is necessary after high school, but a liberal arts education is more beneficial. Yes, a college education is expensive and most people agree with Dale Stephens that it is a waste, but what kind of a job do you plan to get without a college education? As Edward J. Ray states in his article on value of a liberal arts education; “Clearly, all successful careers require critical thinking, teamwork, sensitivity to cultural, demographic, economic and societal differences and political perspectives. A liberal arts education provides this grounding.” Meaning that when going to a liberal arts school that is what you will receive with your education. At St. Norbert College, that is what the school provides each and every student the opportunity to achieve. For students who choose to attend a 2-year technical college, they will deal with larger class sizes and the students will not have as much interaction with the school staff and the activities on campus. The advantage students who attend liberal art schools have over others will put them at a greater advantage when seeking a job in the future. Liberal arts schools are not just about helping you find a job someday, they are about helping you become a better and more well-rounded person. The liberal arts schools teach communication and working with others which not only help with a job, but will help develop each student as person.

 In the end, the right choice is to go to college. College of any sort will dramatically change and help your future for the better. Every since we were little kids, everyone asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Wouldn’t you like to make that dream a reality, to prove to people that “Yes, I did become a doctor,” or “Yes, I am a veterinarian?” All those dreams as kids do not just have to be dreams, they can be reality. College is that bridge that is needed to make those dreams a reality. Going to college is like becoming the person you have always wanted to be, but doing it for real. College will help you expand your thinking, become more educated, not only in your field of study, but in other general subjects that enhance you as a member of society, and to help you do what you want in life. Going to college and getting a degree shows friends, family, and most especially employers that you are determined and have gone the limits to be what you want, to do what you want. Getting accepted into a college is not an easy task now-a-days, it takes hard work and dedication all throughout high school. So imagine the feeling at graduation four years later when you have undergone all that hard work and it finally comes into fruition and pays off. The feeling of accomplishment that will take over your mind and body. Yes, no one wants to go to school for another four years, but rather than thinking about it as more schooling, think that it’s a new chapter of your life can be accomplished only through higher education

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