i Why Traditional Learning is Better | COLLEGE WRITING: DEBATE(S) IN HIGHER EDCUATION

D.J. Dickson

The traditional method of education, having a group of students sitting in a classroom with a teacher, is a consistent and reliable method used in our education system that is used by thousands of schools throughout the United States. In higher education today, however, more and more classes are either completely taught online or have a big part of the course online. Online courses are more convenient time wise because the student can log on and do them whenever they have time, they are theoretically cheaper in comparison to traditional classes and they can learn at a faster or slower pace than their peers. The new style of having classes online has raised question as to if online classes are as effective as the traditional method of having students sit in a classroom with a teacher. Both online and tradition classes have their strengths and flaws but in the end, I believe the traditional method is the better option .The student may create a connection with their teacher and peers which will encourage them to do better, the teacher can answer questions from the students and give them the guidance.

A student that sits in a classroom and interact with other students and a teacher helps the students in many ways. In online classes, you get to connect with peers and teachers but not to the extent of actually sitting in a classroom with a teacher and students. The traditional method prepares the student more so for the real world with the fact that they will have to deal with different kinds of superiors in both work and school, work with others they may not like and learn to adjust to situations. Having new peers and teachers and dealing with them daily throughout a year will help improve skills like adapting to new environments, social skills and finding yourself and your strengths. Online courses do indeed still help prepare the student for the real world and work force but it doesn’t strengthen certain skills such as adapting to the work place and being social. With online courses, the students can post on chats or video chat for discussions and watch recorded lessons by the teacher, but the traditional method of class offers more experiences. During my high school graduation, I noticed that there were a few students that I had never seen attend our school but yet they were part of my graduating class. They took online courses and few, in any classes actually at the school so I never really got the chance to meet them. In the end, I enjoyed my graduation ceremony because I got to spend it with all of my friends I had gone through school with and say goodbye to some of my favorite teachers who became my friend over time.

The traditional method of education offers the student a chance to form a bond with a teacher. I had a teacher for all 4 years of high school who I looked at as a friend because of the bond we built over the course of high school. Since I looked at her as a friend, I tried harder in her class than I did in other classes because I wanted to show her I cared about what was going on and enjoyed her and the class. The bond I had built with my teacher made me try harder in class and learn the material. If I took the course online, I would not have cared about the material as much as I did because there was no bond between me and the course.. Learning in online course can also benefit a student because they can learn at their own pace and at convenient times to that fit into their busy schedule.

It has been proven that everyone learns in their own way at their own pace. Online classes can help students in this aspect because they can study and learn at their desired pace to really comprehend and retain the information while traditional classes have to keep at a certain pace and can not slow down for a one or two students out of an entire class. A big factor to students learning with online courses is the environment that they work in. Having a student take an online course in the comfort of an environment they can choose may lead to the student having constant distractions going on around them, not doing the work at all or not to the best of their ability. It is not a guarantee that a student who is registered in online classes will have a good work environment where the student can get done all the work required for the course to the best of their ability, Studies on opportunity.org have shown that it is better to establish a good work environment, such as in an office, library, school, or any place associated with getting work done, to maximize productivity. Students should have their work environment free of distractions such as television, and windows, working in a library or classroom. I interviewed James Wenzel, an average high school graduate who has also been one of my best friends since we were 5 years old, that has taken both online courses and traditional courses. I asked him which her preferred and why. He said, “I prefer the traditional method of classes because the work environment of an actual classroom really helped me accomplish all the work I needed to and at the best of my ability. The online course I took met once a week and the assignments were not always clearly established for what was due and when. I would try and do most of my work in our study hall area but always got distracted by other peers, the televisions and ping pong tables. I would rush through my work or tell myself I would do it later and end up not do it at all so I could talk to my friends or play ping pong. My teachers would really push me to do my best and complete my class work and homework while I was in class.” Students will be able to focus and accomplish more if their work place is not correlated with other activities. Doing homework in your bed is not a good idea since your bed is already viewed as an area of relaxing, sleeping and not being productive.

The option of taking courses online are becoming more common and being implemented into more high educational programs but I do not think we will completely switch from the traditional method. We have been using the traditional method of having a teacher and a class for hundreds of years and it has been very successful. The traditional method could use some changes to help improve it but it is still the best method for learning. A few methods from online learning could be used in traditional learning, such as having a small class so the teacher can go at the pace of the students. Taking online courses are not bad and they will help but the student will really get as much out of it as they put into it. Having a student sit in a classroom with other students and a teacher has been used for hundreds of years and I believe that it will continue to be used for hundreds of years.

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