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Lorena Martinez

An article by Inside Higher Education by Allie Grasgreen says, “About 80 percent of college students drink and about half of those students binge drink, according to figures from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.” No matter what the circumstance is when there is alcohol involved with college students there is going to be bad consequences due to their actions. Those consequences can be either at that exact moment in time or in the future. Sometimes time needs to proceed in order to be able to see what was really left behind. The consumption of alcohol can lead to bad decision making like: sexual misconduct, car accidents, and health issues, but there is a way to avoid all of that.

Drinking and driving is one of the worst things. I have had a few people around me experience this first hand. One of them is a really close friend of mine as she was driving around on a motorcycle with her father. As the dad had control of the handles suddenly he saw a car that was not staying on his lane and was coming toward them. Her father suddenly lost control due to the distraction and fright from the other car and they went straight down to the floor. The worst part about the situation is that my friend did not have a helmet and the only thing that stopped them from sliding on the street was her head on the curb. My friend was in a coma for 3 months and has some health problem to this day because of that accident. Her father found out that the person that was in the car was drunk. Another friend from campus told me that she had a close friend, someone that she felt like a sister to, had an accident. This guy was under the influence of alcohol and was out driving. There came a point where he did not see a person walking on the street and he hit that person. Unfortunately the man that was hit died. Drinking and driving is not something to mess around with because it can be a life or death situation. Although students don’t always go to parties far from campus, students still decide to drive around looking for restaurants or even grocery stores for snacks. Drinking causes people to make poor choices and getting into a car while drunk is definitely one of the times.

Due to binge drinking, sexual misconduct hasn’t been an issue that’s been dealt with just recently. It has been the case for many years now and it has became a problem. Scott Lewis, partner at the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management includes in the article, “Alcohol or drug use is almost always involved in rape and non-sexual assault cases on campus…” Another article titled, Getting Serious About Eradicating Binge Drinking, By Henry Wechsler mentions, “Studies suggest that at least half of all sexual assaults on college campuses involve the use of alcohol.” It is proven that excessive drinking can lead to sexual assault. Along with that another study done by a professor of behavioral and social sciences at Brown University found that, one in six freshmen women have experienced rape or an attempt of it. Alcohol does impair one’s ability to consent sex; therefore, alcohol leads students to make bad decisions about sex when drunk.

It is reasonable to think that students come to college to also have fun. Students want to take advantage of any social aspect during college. Unfortunately most of the time that fun involves alcohol. Such as weekend partying. Students sometimes don’t understand that drinking is unsafe it leads students to make bad decisions.

When freshmen initially come into college they are desperate to find friends. In an article titled Binge Drinking As A Substitute For A ‘Community Of Learning’ by Kenneth A Bruffee says, “most of them similarly green, scared, lonely 18-year-olds — feel the pressing need to belong to the new world they have entered.” Then he says that students turn to sororities and fraternities for the partying and drinking.

In my case I was able to make friends before all my freshmen class moved in due to a program called Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR). Because I was involved with a group from school this made it easier to make strong relationships that a Sometimes we can actually help this problem of binge drinking by one simple action. That is getting involved. Every college has multiple interests groups and clubs to get involved with. They are all there so that students don’t feel the pressure to go out and drink. They all host events that help students create those bonds with others without any harmful substance.

Alcohol can be good for a person, 21 and older, once in awhile. Like many say, a cold beer on a hot summer day, but college students should do their bests to avoid it in general during the school year. The fall and spring semester are meant for dedication to school.


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