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Maggie Kaczkowski

It is easy to just come out and say “don’t do this” or “don’t do that”, but in all reality it is not effective at all. People don’t learn by just being told what to do, especially young adults. Knowing from my own experience, I want to know why. Why are teachers and the more experienced telling me binge drinking is bad? Why is the consumption of alcohol harmful to my body? Why are you telling me not to drink without any reasons of why I shouldn’t do this? With attending school for over 12 years and numerous health classes I’m still not sure of why I shouldn’t be drinking, all I know is that binge drinking is a harmful activity. It is a problem that has to be addressed by improving the education that we provide for students at SNC.

Binge drinking enables rape culture, this is unknown by most students, therefore schools should be educating their students about the issue. Sexual assault is a growing issue on college campuses across America. The education of sexually violence and assault does not mention anything about alcohol. As stated in an article  by Robin Wilson speaking about the fears surrounding sexual assult, 80% of sexual assault cases either person or both people are under the influence. We should not look past alcohol because of fear of blaming it for causing sexual assault but to talk about alcohol in a way of trying to prevent situations like sexual assault.

Another thing young students need to be taught is that: while a person is under the influence they are more likely to make poor decisions. These bad decisions could range from poor choices they make under the influence such as operating a vehicle or something much smaller such as their study habits. If a student is binge drinking on a week night or even multiple nights on a weekend they are less likely to be motivated the next day to either go to class or complete work to be done. The over consumption of alcohol can effect ones motivation and increase procrastination as stated in this article with the title “Drinking and (Critical) Thinking. The author, Allie Grasgreen, also talks about how smart drinking habits are avoided all together, saying students are told to not drink altogether and if they do their grades will be failing. The author suggests that smart drinking habits should be taught so that young adults can understand what happens with the over consumption and still learn how to be successful students along with experiencing college.

Drinking can affect the development of one’s brain. This seems to known by most people but they typically don’t know to what extent they are hurting themselves.  It is proven that alcohol is not healthy especially for young adults who are in the 18-21-year-old range. Alcohol does have negative effects to the development of young people’s brain due to the fact that it is not fully developed until one’s 20′s. The cerebellum is directly affected with the use of alcohol. This part of the brain is used for coordinating movement and some aspects of learning and memory. With this part of the brain not being fully developed it can have great risks when students start to consume alcohol for their long term health.All in all, drinking can affect the development of one’s brain

It is reasonable to think that the reason one may make poor decisions while consuming alcohol is mainly because there is a lack of education of the proper use of alcohol. People do tend to just say “don’t drink” rather than teaching a young adult how to responsibly. The education revolving around college drinking does need to be enforced rather than being pushed under the rug. There should, in fact, be more education surrounding drinking.

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