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Libbie Doney

Student Debt is increasing in America while other countries have it under control. After graduating, a student will have 6 months before they have to start paying off their loan and most students have not yet found a job. I have to take out a loan to come to a liberal arts school but that was my decision. I know I will have to pay back quite a bit of money but this is what I wanted to do. More »

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Mark Molitor

College is the time in someone’s life that people say are the best years of your life.  College It is where people meet their best friends for life, possibly find their future spouse, and are most likely the reason they get a job when they graduate.  However, the cost of college can certainly be expensive.  College has gotten more expensive over the years, and it is in no way getting cheaper.  Worrying about the cost of college while in college is something to always remember, but it is better to worry about it when you finish school.  Trying to save money during time at school is the best thing to do.  Making college worth it is making the most of the opportunity and time I have at college.  I will make the most of the time spent at college, or in other words, make the college experience “worth it.” More »

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Taylor Wolfe


Our society expects most, if not all, teenagers to go straight to college after high school. For that reason, I have looked forward to going to a college since I was in grade school. What I didn’t know when I was younger was the price tag that came along with a college education. Student debt is a huge problem in America. College tuition, and other costs associated with a higher education, have skyrocketed in the past few years. More »

AJ Floodstrand

Over the past few decades, student debt has been increasing so high that many Americans have to make life-changing decisions regarding their debt. Susan Dynarksi author of “American Can Fix Its Student Debt, just ask Australia” shared potentially eye-opening solutions to the problem. In the article, she informed the readers of the disparity in the current loan process in the United States. In order to fit the high demands of student loans, countries such as Sweden and Australia have committed and successfully made changes to their loan process. Unlike, the United States, the loan plan overseas includes a student loan friendly ideal. According to Dynarski’s article, the variations include longer time to pay off the loan, career based loan and loans held from their payroll. Virtually, the loan will be paid off without having to decide either to pay off the loan or purchase basic necessities. More »

Morgan Tollard

The price attached to higher education made me question my choice of whether or not to pursue the road of attending a four-year or two-year university/college. On the incline for the past couple of decades, student loan debt in America has been becoming a controversial issue, opposed to other countries that are finding solutions. Other countries, like Sweden and Australia, have a different student loan system. These alternative loan systems, as shared in the article “America Can Fix Its Student Loan Crisis. Just Ask Australia.” by Susan Dynarski, essentially make student loan debt consistently lower and paid over longer spans of time. Unlike the United States, Australia has an extension and income base on their student loans allowing students to not only make payments over longer periods of time, but are flat-rate payments based on the income of the student’s previous year. These adjustments allow for students to get on their feet and make other important payments while still paying off their loans, unlike the United States. In the United States students pay the same amount no matter what your economic stance is, making it hard for low-income students to pay off their debt.

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Jacob Castillo

With the rising cost of college tuition.  Many find themselves facing the question, how will I make college worth the potential tens of thousands of student loan debt upon graduation.  Some find themselves fortunate enough to graduate without the debt that cripples millions.  But for the vast majority of college students find themselves with some form of loan debt upon graduation.  Making college a very expensive investment.  I am currently studying at a liberal arts university, upon my arrival I had plans to run cross country and track and field.  However due to a long term recurring knee injury I had to end my competitive running career.  Since arriving on campus I have continued my healthy and active lifestyle through various physical forms of exercise  and various forms of social interactions.  I will make college worth it through continued forms of physical fitness, social interactions as well as producing a quality academic performance that will create a stepping stone to post college plans.

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Bright Boachie

Education in the United States has turned into a big, expensive, corporate business where the students and families are at the very bottom of the priority list. The rising cost of higher education has affected students in every state. Some Students have developed a certain level of stress due to their ability to pay for their education. Even if students are able to go through the high education, there is a postgraduate debt, which most graduates have. My family has been going through this for the past six years with my two older sisters along with me trying to get a higher education. Higher education cost has reached a point where families find extremely hard to pay the cost. The cost of higher education has lead to students taking out loans, which becomes another issue once they graduate. The article America Can Fix Its Student Loan Crisis. Just Ask Australia by Susan Dynarski Student Loan Crisis, the author points out how having student debt isn’t the problem but the payment is. American students have less time to pay off their debt even though the amount of borrowed money in comparison to other countries like Sweden is small. Dynarski stated “The typical student debt in Sweden is 172,000 kronor, or about $20,000. In the United States, undergraduate debt is less than $10,000 for those who don’t complete a B.A., and about $30,000 for those who do…. Yet despite this widespread borrowing, there is no student debt crisis in Sweden, because payments are spread out over 25 years. They also start out low, rising slowly over time. In the United States, the typical repayment period is just 10 years”. With the amount of time to pay off debt for American students being small, Students for the most part are not able to repay their loans in time or they fell pressured, which leads to the students generating some level of stress. Cost of education in US has become a big issue that needs to be fixed.

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Evanny Franco


College is a goal that most students aspire after high school. I remember when I started to look around at what possible schools I wanted to attend, in order to get accepted I wrote countless essays to be able to hopefully get into the college of my choice and also to receive scholarships or grants to pay it off. After many months of masses of work, I finally received the good news that I was accepted into the colleges I had applied to, St. Norbert was among them. My parents were excited and proud, relatives and friends congratulated me, I myself was so content and could not believe I would be starting college to pursue my dream career. What I did not realize is that I am most likely to end up in debt after finishing my education. Because of that I am trying my best to make my time in college really worth it. “Worth it” to me means that after everything and all the years, sleepless nights, breakdowns, and probably numerous cups of coffee I am able to achieve what I had set my mind to but at the same time enjoyed those years of my life doing the things I wanted to. More »

Micah Stovall

College is a different experience, especially to incoming freshman, who do not know what to expect. College can be worth it for both introverts and extroverts. Students may join clubs or make friends to enjoy college more. However, college is an expensive experience worth the thousands of dollars. College is a debt causing experience.. Student loans in America are an unfair system that is not beneficial to the student. The New York Times writer, Dynarski, explains how unfair the system is and how America can possible fix it. College students after college do not make enough money to keep up with the multiple payments. I hope to take on as less debt as possible by trying to get a job on campus. College is an expensive experience, so I will make the most of it. More »

Brittany Vosen

Despite America’s crippling loan debt, millions of students continue to enroll in college to get a higher education in hopes of later on working at their dream job. In America, the total debt for student loans is $1.3 trillion and the typical repayment period to pay off student loans is 10 years. Which brings the following question to arise: is a higher education worth the potential lifelong debt? More »

Shannon McGovern

College cost a lot of money. Quite frankly it cost too much. Student debt is a large problem and it bothers me students have to pay large sums of money to get an education. In today’s society, getting a college education is essential. College price tags are very different, but no matter the type of college, money is needed to attend. The government doesn’t give enough money to help students. In turn, students have to take out large student loans, with full interest rates and a smaller number of grants are handed out from the government. In America, students also don’t have much time after they graduate to pay off their loans because the government allows a small amount of time before the loan must be paid. This causes many students to have debt almost half of their life.

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Maggie Kaczkowski


When I am at St. Norbert I want my time and money to be worth it. When choosing a school to continue my education I was naturally drawn to small private schools. The only issue with that is that the cost is much higher than a traditional state school.  I thought to myself why should I choose St. Norbert? I know I need to make my time worth it, but I also know that I am investing a lot of money and time into my education. I want my experiences here to be memorable.  More »

Sydney Pfotenhauer

Student debt is seen as a major issue today. Considering the price of college, it is essential for students to make college worth it. Students need to make sure that they do whatever they can to make these four years’ worth it because if they don’t, they will be paying these extreme expenses for no reason. College is there for people, so that they can get degrees in the areas that they want to go into. Without this, the qualifications for jobs would be much lower and people might not know what exactly goes into what they are doing. This rise in price makes it difficult for students to find places to get an education if they don’t have the money to afford the college of their dreams.  Financial aid is helping students go to colleges that they might not be able to afford otherwise, but it is something that can make or break a student’s decision. More »

Dia Henderson
September 30, 2016

Although my mother attended college a long time ago, she never completed her degree. Therefore, going to college was very important to me not only to make her proud, but to also make myself proud. Education is very important to me and is one thing my mother instilled in me to continue all throughout my life. Even when I decided to go to a private boarding school for high school, my mother made man financial sacrifices just to put me through four years of high school and now a private college. Initially St. Norbert College was not my first option for college, however here I’ve learned the importance of graduating from a liberal arts college. Now that I know that I can get more job opportunities because I attend liberal arts. More »

Kelly Frank

The price tag on college is the largest it has ever been. It is more than one trillion dollars. In Susan Dynarski’s article about student debt she explains that borrowing is worldwide, but only in America there is this huge debt: ”despite this widespread borrowing, there is no student debt crisis in Sweden, because payments are spread out over 25 years. They also start out low, rising slowly over time. In the United States, the typical repayment period is just 10 years.” This ten year payment plan America has puts students in a choke hold. Students are not only taking loans,  but also risks when going to college. So in this topsy turvy college system all students need to take control and make college worth it.

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Cooper Nellis

Going to college had always been just a thought in the back of my mind. Never have I really had to worry about college and my future. I was able to live in the moment all throughout high school. The decisions I made then, in high school, affected my future a little, but, now that I am in the midst of college I have to make big decisions. Decisions that affect my future a lot more then when I was younger. One of the most important on going decisions I will make is how will I make college worth it? More »

Sam Jaeger

Before I came to college, most people bombarded me with questions.  “What are you planning on going to college for?”  “Do you think you’re going to flunk?”  “Are you nervous?” “How will you adapt?” “Why did you choose this college?”.  After hearing all these questions, I found myself asking the same questions and having troubles answering them. More »

Brian Herrera

Many people could have their own interpretation of what makes college worth it for them. They can share examples of how to have fun or ways college isn’t fun or entertaining. These are but of many reasons on how to enjoy college in my opinion. Other students may have different ideas based on this paper that I have written. Also, some of these may not be actual ways to enjoy or make the best of college. My opinions of enjoying college are from receiving a diploma and a good job, making connections for the near future, playing a sport, going to sporting events, getting lit on the weekends.

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Lorena Martinez

Debt is a major topic that needs to be addressed when thinking about going to college. I am currently studying at a liberal arts institution and although the education is great at St. Norbert I need to be realistic. I will be in huge debt by the time I graduate. Tuition ($44,906) here is quite expensive in my opinion. I personally have already taken 7,000 dollars out in loans for my first year. Because I plan on graduating from St. Norbert that number will increase during the next three years. On the other hand, cost is not going to stop me. I promised myself that I will enjoy every moment possible.

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