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Brian Herrera

Have you ever wondered if the school system should be changed? Throughout this paper I give my opinion on what I would like my education to look like, what environment I want it to be in, what I believe should be changed, and how the school system has been over the years. Many people do not pay much attention to how the schools actually affect/influence the children. One main thing is standardized testing. Many people, for some reason, believe that if they receive a high grade on a test that they are smarter, but lots of students learn differently have also have different strengths in subjects.

One way I would like my education to look like is professional. I want to have a degree on something I would like to do in the near future. I don’t want to be someone who receives their degree and not end up knowing what to do with it or regret it. I also want it to be personally enriching. I want it to be both because it’s going to stay with me forever and it can also show who I am/was. Many people would not really put any thought into their degree and how it will impact them personally. After all we go to school to get a good paying job and work hard so that our parents don’t have to any more. Parents of the world work hard so that we could get a good education and not have to struggle like they did (if they did growing up or working as they got older).

            I would rather have an in-person instruction with a small group of classmates. With that being said I want my education to mean a lot to me I also want it to be worth my time. I would rather have that then take classes electronically, because I feel I would learn and understand things better. In an article written by Graeme Wood, he states that an online class he was unable to doodles in class and was afraid to stare away from the screen because everyone else was staring right at you. One other thing he said was that the system crashed once which leads to another bad thing that can happen during an online session, the connection can go down and it is possible that the connection cannot be reestablished. Another thing that would benefit me as well as other people also is, they can bounce ideas off of others’ opinion and thought. Another thing is, you can ask the teacher/professor if any questions come to mind. That is my opinion on which I prefer to have between in-person and online lessons.

            I would really like to learn new ways to learn things in the class room. In reality, even 150 years ago, nothing has changed in the school system. It’s awful to know that, cars and cell phones have improved over the same period of time, but not our education system. In a video I saw a man says “do we prepare students for the future or the past?”. It also shows that we do not really put much thought or effort into our schooling and future. This is very upsetting because the kids are the future and are expected to find new ways to make the world a better place.

            In all honesty it is critical that we improve the way teachers teach and eliminate standardized testing. Even the person that invented them Fredrick J. Kelly believes so. He himself has said, “these tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned”. If the one who invented something says it should not be used, then I say they shouldn’t. As we were told as kids from our parents after getting in trouble for listening to a friend, “if your friend tells you to jump off a cliff will you do it?” is a perfect illustration of it.

            Overall, Schooling has to be enriching to yourself as well as professional, in a class room environment, with a group of people, what I would like changed. Along with all that I gave my opinion on the school system. These are my arguments and if you still believe otherwise then that’s your opinion and it will not change mine. If you disagree with me on only a few points that is still ok, again it is your opinion.

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