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Libbie Doney

Athletics are a big part of colleges and the question “Should college athletes be getting paid?” is being brought up more and more. In John Oliver’s video he talks about all the issues with the NCAA and college athletes. Issues like the NCAA brings in millions of dollars and not any of it goes to the athletes when they are the reason all the money is being brought in. They are able to sell jerseys with player’s name and number without giving the player anything. Sometimes athletes don’t have time to eat because their daily schedule is so busy from school and their sport. College athletes put in a lot of work and Robert Sherman talks about in an interview that he would love to see an average student have an athletes schedule for one semester and try to balance everything.

It is reasonable to think that college athletes should be paid because they do bring in a lot of money and don’t have time for a job but colleges are non-profit so they can’t take in more money to give to their athletes. The money goes toward scholarships and the facilities the athletes use. Athletes are still getting more than average students. They get free tuition, apparel, tutors and more. The NCAA made the rules that it did so the gap between athletes and students would not widen. College athletes should not be paid and should be thankful for the opportunity they are given.

There is already a gap between students and athletes at colleges mentioned in the article “Majoring in Eligibility”. Joe Nocera talks about a football player who failed yoga and family communication and just attends class just so he can graduate. How was he accepted into college? Because he had all the football tools, so they did everything they could so he could play college football. Most athletes in school are just trying to stay eligible and by doing that they just take easy classes. John Oliver shows student athletes who took the language Swahili because it was easy to pass but in reality they couldn’t even say one thing in Swahili. If other students could do that and still get their degree they would too.

Devoe mentions in his article “College athletes should be getting paid” that football and basketball players should be getting paid more than the other sport teams because they bring in the most money. But how would the NCAA regulate the pay for each sport fairly. I think it would cause a lot of issues if some teams got paid more than others, like for instance the issue with equal pay that was happening with the US women’s soccer team and the men’s team because they thought the men shouldn’t be getting paid more. Paying these college athletes wouldn’t solve any problems, it would only cause more with the NCAA.

Paying college athletes would diminish the love and passion athletes have for the game. All they would care about now is how much money they should be making. They wouldn’t work as hard because it wouldn’t matter if they were getting paid. That’s how I see the NFL, they don’t have to work as hard because they are making millions of dollars. I know my Dad only watches college sports instead of professionals because you can tell how much more college athletes work and you can tell they are playing with passion and the love of the game. Spectators want to watch athletes who play for the love of the game.

In concluding, athletes should not be able to get paid. With all the things athletes are given they should be thankful for their opportunity to keep playing. The gap between students and student athletes can’t keep widening because it is unfair. I personally know from experience that athletes do get special treatment then other students when it comes to school. I only attend a division III school and I was able to live in a triple room that my coach got my teammates and I instead of a double like the rest of the freshman so we could live together. Yes, athletes put in a lot of work and don’t have time to get a job but you have to look at the money they are saving by not having to pay off debt after college like every other student.

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