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November 20, 2016 Shannon McGovern

College students have a lot of pressures and stresses bringing many demands to their day to day lives. Being involved in other things on college campuses makes college days very busy. In college the goal is to get a degree, but getting involved and doing other activities enhances the college experience. Athletes in particular have unique responsibilities when it comes to time management and balancing school. The coaches lead their athletes by pushing them to excel in their sport, but also to do well on their school work. Being in college athletics is beneficial for students because it helps them stay healthy and safe along with excelling through their college career.

Many have pointed out, the coaches in the NCAA are paid a lot of money to perform and execute their jobs. The coaches at division 1 schools get paid more money than those at division 3 schools because the schools make more money and the athletes are held to a higher standard. All college athletes are looked upon as idols and the way they carry themselves frequently falls on the coach. However, athletes are students so they should not get paid to play their sport. The coaches should be paid because it is their career and they take time to support and train the athletes.  The coaches push athletes to focus on their school work because they know being a student comes first. The education one receives in college will be with them their whole life, being an athlete, more times than not, will end once they graduate.

To be in sports, along with being a student forces one to learn time management skills they can use the rest of their life. Managing time as an athlete is very important because one needs to schedule out time to do homework in between meals, practices and school.  It is important that athletes learn this skill quickly so they can keep grades up to be able to participate in their sport.  Athletes who learn to manage school and their sport tend to do better overall in life than someone who didn’t learn how to balance both. As stated in, athletes graduation rates increase article ,it shows the changing of eligibility standards has increased amount of student athletes who graduate college. Having proof showing that eligibility standards are becoming stricter, is a positive sign. Athletes should be pushed and expected to do their best. It gets very stressful when one has a test the morning after a night game. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they prepared for the test the night before. Student athletes learn valuable skills by learning to time manage.

College athletes learn all different skills and all college athletes have different experiences. Being an athlete in the NCAA, there are mandated guidelines are set for student athletes. Division 1 and 2 athletes have different guidelines compared to division 3. Division 1 and 2 schools have scholarships that allow their athletes to come to school for free. The athletes a lot of times get tutors to help because sometimes they have practice when they have class or must miss class for a game. Going to a smaller school allows more attention to the students over all. Student athletes have to take responsibility for their school work and learning. Division 3 schools have higher graduation rates because the seasons aren’t as long or as intense compared to larger schools. The good thing is that coaches all push their athletes to focus on school work, not matter the size of the school. The bigger schools are also becoming stricter on their athletes by increasing the GPA requirements. The colleges have proof that tougher eligibility standards for incoming college athletes, as well as more-stringent requirements on athletes’ progress toward their degrees.  Having statistics showing that college athletes graduation rates are increasing is very promising. This means that the work the student athletes are putting in is paying off and showing academically.

To add, student athletes also are pushed to do well in school because they not only are responsible for themselves but the rest of their team. Everything in college requires adjustment and being on team makes the adjustment become easier. Being on a team with teammates going through the same pressures and experiencing the same stresses makes college a lot easier. Student athletes also tend to do homework and participate in class discussions because they want to make sure they are still able to participate, so they want to have the best grade possible. Being on a team, gives a student a family away from home and gives one a support system. Understanding that one is not alone with feeling overwhelmed makes things more bearable.

To conclude, getting involved in college will help one stay focused on what is important, which is getting a degree. The NCAA changed its eligibility standards which caused student athletes to work harder in school. Being a college athlete is a big commitment and takes a lot of responsibility. A student athlete needs to be able to manage school, homework and the commitment of their sport. College is all about learning and becoming a responsible adult with intelligence. To have people around who support what one is pursuing, makes the college experience safe, exciting and worth it.


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