i Effects of Rising Prices of College | College Writing: Debate(s) In Higher Education

Sydney Pfotenhauer

Student debt is seen as a major issue today. Considering the price of college, it is essential for students to make college worth it. Students need to make sure that they do whatever they can to make these four years’ worth it because if they don’t, they will be paying these extreme expenses for no reason. College is there for people, so that they can get degrees in the areas that they want to go into. Without this, the qualifications for jobs would be much lower and people might not know what exactly goes into what they are doing. This rise in price makes it difficult for students to find places to get an education if they don’t have the money to afford the college of their dreams.  Financial aid is helping students go to colleges that they might not be able to afford otherwise, but it is something that can make or break a student’s decision.

A difficult decision many have to make is whether to go to a private liberal arts college or go to a public college. The main differences of these is that a liberal arts education opens up more job opportunities that might otherwise might not be available to people. The STEM education that many public colleges have is more specific to the degree that students go into through.

Going with a liberal arts education is made worth it for me by coming to St. Norbert College. This campus revolves around the sense of community and a great education which I have found to be a great fit for me. It may be an expensive college, but everything that students are able to participate in makes it worth it. The reputation of the college helps people to know that the price payed for the education here will be worth it. Without this reputation, there would be no reason to really go to the college, as it would be more difficult to find a job out of college.  It is important to make sure to do anything possible to make sure that the money doesn’t go to waste.

Getting work done is an important part of going to college, but it is important to take time away from classes and have fun. Finding time to have fun with people can help to keep from stressing out over classes as much. With stress being a major issue with college, finding ways to take the mind off of classes is an important thing. With the events that occur throughout campus, it seems like there is always something to do to relax. 

Another way of making good use of my time is trying to find clubs to join. So far I have found several different groups that I am planning on joining and other activities to do. The groups I am planning mainly focus on volunteering, which is something that I enjoy doing and think is a great way to meet new people. I loved volunteering in high school, so one of the clubs that I decided to join Circle K. Circle K is a volunteer group that is the college version of Key Club, which I volunteered for in high school. The thought of helping people is something that I think is amazing and I know I will continue to volunteer whenever it is possible. I also am looking into the Stuzl Center to see what kind of volunteer opportunities they have. I hope that I can find different places in the area where I can volunteer and have fun while I am doing this. Anything to help the community is important to me and it’s a great way of giving back. This is something that will help me when I graduate from college and at the same time give me something to do while I am here on campus at St. Norbert. Volunteering is helpful, as it is something that some work places recommend it and find it as something that is important on top of all the other work they expect employees to get done.  

A big step from high school to college is taking up the responsibility that comes with going to college. With going to college, there is all of the sudden this sense of freedom and some people don’t know what to do with it. I will mainly focus on studying, doing homework, volunteering or playing softball. I am going to make sure that I have everything that I need to get done, before any deadlines I have. It is important for me to keep this up as it will help prepare me for when I get a full time job and in general it helps me to learn how to manage my time to get everything done that needs to get done. I intend on taking up these responsibilities that come along with college by keeping up with everything I need to complete. 

This year I decided that I was going to play softball in college. This has been a smart idea, because I have had the opportunity to meet a bunch of people and have gotten to know quite a few of them. This has helped me as an individual especially because of the difficulty I have in making friends with how quite I am. I also have the opportunity to build better team skills. These I know I will need especially when I find a job. Not only does it help keep me healthy, but it helps me become a better person. Softball may end up stressing me out because of the amount of time it takes up, but I know that it is something I love and will help me throughout college and into the time when I find a job.

College life also comes with being forced to make new friends. Most high school friends are all across the country, so I have a great opportunity to make new friends and these could be the best friends I ever make. I know that I will make new friends based on the different classes I take, the different student organizations I join including Circle K and Habitat for Humanity and from playing softball. It will be different as I didn’t really have much of an opportunity to meet many new people as I was growing up. This is an adjustment that has seemed awkward at first, but I know that it will be a good experience for me. It is a good experience for all people to go through though, as it is something that each and every person has to do going to the work field.

I am planning everything I do here at St. Norbert College in order to succeed and make the most of my time here. I would have no reason to be here if I wasn’t so passionate about my education. By being involved in student organizations, St. Norbert Softball and classes to further my knowledge I am going to make my four years’ worth it.

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