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Micah Stovall

St. Norberts is a college that encourages diversity. The school’s motto is all about communuio or community. St Norberts values its diversity and offers the campus as a safe space to anyone. However, diversity is still a tough topic to talk about even though the college is very open. Hard conversations about diversity because it helps with creating smarter, more accepting students.  Students who are open to diverse ideas tend to make better decisions. Diversity is a major problem on campuses and should be addressed because diversity helps promote a smarter campus.

Diversity is taught in many college courses but it is not taught in the way it should. An article, One class all students should take, by Albert Laguna discusses how colleges are having problems with racism. Some colleges are having problems with swastikas and nooses hung on trees.  The University of Missouri’s president had to resign because he would not address racial incidents on campuses. This is motivate everyone should take a stance on the issues surrounding diversity. Many colleges are use a strategy of making race and ethnic courses mandatory. However, this racism still persists because colleges fail to teach about racist situations. The topic of race is usually swept under the rug. Colleges take the easy route and simply apologize and create ineffective committees. Colleges instead teach and foster dialogue.

A major conception of transforming white people is the minorities is easily argued. In the article, Transforming White People Is Not the Job of Minority Students by Alana Massey, it  explains how it the job of the majority white people to become less racist. A study was done and it showed that students that roomed with a minority were more open to diversity. In the case of the Missouri president, is a good example that the white majority needs to be educated more on the problems minorities face. The president simply swept the problems under the rug and did not course of action. The problem here is he ignored the minorities. If the majority had a say into the issues, the president could have taken a course of action simply because people like him would influence his decisions more. No matter what race you are, everyone should take a course of action.

Racism is a problem on colleges that continue to keep diversity from flourishing. In Wolfgang Grassl’s article, Diversity is not a Catholic Value, he talks about how Catholics should not be open to diversity that does not follow their religion. Homosexuals were an example of the type of people Catholics should not accept. Homosexuality is against the catholic religion.  However, if anyone has studied Jesus or the Bible, people would know we should love all our neighbors. Yes, homosexuality is frowned upon in the Catholic church but that does not mean homosexuals should be treated less. In Mark 12:31 of the bible, Jesus said “You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” All people are equal in the eyes of Jesus and that should be true for all Catholics. Grassl’s article is a good example that racism still exists and it should be addressed. Articles like that should be heavily critized for not promoting college diversity. Colleges need to respond as a whole to promote themselves a majority open campus.

Diverse groups tend to do very well in decision making. In the article, Diversity Makes You Brighter, an experiment was done which included a simulated stocks. Participants were asked to give accurate prices of those stocks. Individuals were asked to give an answer then participants were put into diverse groups and then give an answer from the group. The diverse groups were fifty-eight percent more accurate in their answers. The homogenous groups of race or ethnicity produced less accurate answers. Members were more likely to copy each other and mistakes were more apt. This caused mistrust within the group. This plays a factor into higher education because students could give each other false information and that leads to lesser grades. I cannot weigh in on this because I have never worked in groups that were not homogenous. I went to a small school and it was not very diverse so I was not exposed to working in a diverse group. Diverse groups showed that diversity has more benefits. Diversity on college should be praised because it promotes an open minded smarter college.

Colleges should teach more about race. Colleges are mainly a place of learning and therefore should teach about race. Colleges should start by hiring more minority professors to make campus a more diverse atmosphere. Programs for minorities should be set in place where minority students can talk to professors about specific challenges they face. The racial challenges should then be talked about on campus to educate and prevent racial challenges from happening. The college should encourage groups like LGBTQ even if the campus is catholic. By taking the necessary steps, a college can be a safe haven for any student.

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