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Maggie Kaczkowski

There is much ignorance when it comes to diversity and it comes down to lack of education, understanding and exposer. When people come from different backgrounds they learn different things. For example, when a child comes from a predominately African American neighborhood they might spend more time learning about Black History Month. They learn more about the struggle and the disadvantages that come with being a person of color. Compare this to a child who goes to a predominantly white school, only learning just a few things about Black History Month. The white child only learning about the success of MLK or the outcome of the civil war. This child never went in depth to learn about the struggles so they simply don’t know. As people grow their minds seem to be less open and excepting making it more difficult to understand struggle that they may have never experienced. However, it is not they job of the minority students to teach the students who haven’t been brought up with more diversity. This is an ongoing issue in education, and society today. Diversity is a crucial factor in making our communities work. We all must take a second to take a step back and look at the world though someone else’s views so that we may work together to be as successful as possible.

Diversity on a college campus such as SNC is vital to prepare students for the “real world”. It is important to be able to communicate with people that have different backgrounds and experiences than you do. However, according to a study done by Robert Putnam, the less diverse a community is the more likely people are willing to trust someone of the opposite race. In other words– the more diverse a community is results in a lack of trust and more of a division between races. This study didn’t only focus on the trust of people with different ethnicities as them but also the same ethnicities, and the results remained constant with a lack of trust all around in a diverse community. If places continue to be marginalized one may never have the chance to practice trust with someone different than them. It is necessary for young adults in college to learn how to communicate and trust others that may be different from them due to the fact the “real world” is diverse.

Diversity on a college campus is needed so that students are introduced to a different type of “worldliness” that they may have never been introduced too. Looking at St. Norbert College for an example in a small town with a lot of students themselves coming from small towns, it might be the first time they have ever had the opportunity to have real interaction with people from diverse groups or backgrounds. Some people may find this campus like opening the door to the entire world without traveling anywhere else. This is a crucial time for most because diversity enhances social development. Interacting with other students from a variety of backgrounds widens one’s social circle and expands their group of people of whom they associate with. In college diversity prepares students for work in a global, diverse society. No matter what profession someone enters they must work with people who have diverse backgrounds. By experiencing diversity in college, you are familiarizing and getting yourself to be comfortable working and interacting with a variety of individuals from various backgrounds.

Being around people who are different than us can make us be more creative, better critical thinkers and more hard wor6king. Diversity can enhance the creativity in individuals allowing them to come together and discover breakthrough innovations. It encourages the need to look at things through various perspectives whether it is in a school small group setting or a large cooperate office. This leads to better decision making, problem solving and critical thinking. Looking at a study done by Kathrine Phillips, diversity is correlated with better performance. She had also founded that racial diversity leads to more original thought in a group setting. Diversity can lead to innovative ideas that require more critical thought due to the fact many different people are working together with a main goal in mind. Within these types of settings, it is crucial for students to be in a type an environment that offers diversity in many forms, allowing them to gain trust and social skills that will help them in the “real world”.

All in all, diversity can help us everywhere we go. Whether it is school, work, or even our day to day lives. Diversity can allow us to develop as better people who think more critically and care better for others.

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