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Dia Henderson
IDIS Writing

This past election in the U.S. has been the most controversial election thus far; bringing up many issues that America has “brushed to the side” for the past few years. One big issue in America that has recently come to light, is the issue of racism still existing .During this past election, racial comments made by then candidate, now President elect Donald Trump, sparked an overlooked topic that there is still racism and there are many that share many of Trumps beliefs. Trumps words and feeling sparked a nationwide debate amongst colleagues, families and even in schools. Racism and bigotry has become a sore subject in America and a straining topic specifically on college campuses like St. Norbert. Due to this racial up roar, colleges, and smaller colleges specifically, should offer courses or some form of education to theirs student on current world issues to keep a peaceful, non-hostile environment on campus. They should make classes on the diversity of different religious backgrounds and educate students on the current issues surrounding race in America.

Colleges like St. Norbert ,that do not have a high percentage of diverse students especially religious diversity should still educate their students on different religions other than Christianity. After Donald Trump brought up the topic of Muslims coming into \America and his goal to ban the people of Islam from traveling into the U.S, it was very surprising to see that many people in America supported Trumps proposal of forbidding an entire religion from entering the country. Not only did America elect a man that neglects the country’s core principles of equality, but there are millions of people that feel this same way. Yet, many people, particularly young college students, do not necessarily understand that oppressing different religions other than their own is against our countries bylaws. Schools should show the unity between all religions. In fact, both Christianity and Islam are very similar not only in stories, but in values. In a forum setting, the SNC students can learn more and become more educated on religions other than Catholicism.

Topics like racism, still being a current subject, should be a openly discussed topic, instead of being “pushed under the rug”. Sarah Brown When Racism Reappears, How Can a Campus Show It Has Made Any Gains?, speaks on the racial issues currently occurring across the country specifically on college campuses. Students should not be oblivious about the issue of racism because avoiding anything that makes people uncomfortable makes the issue worst .With this new issue of politics and racism colleges should offer a course in education their students in diversity,.

Education on topics especially racism, is crucial especially to keep a peaceful environment specifically on college campuses. Not only do colleges have the resources, but the authority also to create forum and classes to discuss topics like racism. Through this course would be helpful, educating white students on social issues like racism may be a burden on colored students. Although answering some questions or issues is okay, it is not the minority student’s job. Based on the article Transforming White People Is Not the Job of Minority Students by Alana Massey colleges should put more effort in education their students on minority issues. The argument Massey makes is that it is not their responsibility to educate or inform their peers of the issues and struggles of being different. She believes the school should have a hand at educating their students in all subject and not make it the responsibilities of the minority students. The school should be equipped enough to educate their students.

America for centuries has divided by gender inequality, sexual orientation, but especially in concern to race. Due to the recent publicized racism by President elect Donald Trump, America is more divided. Now is the best time to educate this generation on the issue of race especially in schools. Schools should have some sort of forum or course, educating the youth about racism and religious bigotry in their communities. With having conversations about racism and education people, America could revert to the vile past it has tried too hard to move on from.

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